What are 5 essential tips about laser hair removal?


It could be frustrating to have unwanted hair in certain parts of the body, especially on the face and other exposed parts of the body. If you want your skin smooth and hairless, laser hair removal offers you the best solution to get rid of unwanted hair on your body.

Compared to shaving and waxing, laser hair removal offers a long-term solution to hair removal, making it the most preferred hair removal method that has become increasingly adopted. Meanwhile, if you want to get the best results from laser hair removal, here are 5 essential tips about laser hair removal you need to follow: 

1. Shaving Before Going for Laser Hair Removal

When going for the treatment, shave the treated areas with a razor before leaving home. On the contrary, do not wax or pluck your hair to make laser hair removal effective. The reason is that the laser beam targets the hair root to get rid of the follicles, which waxing or plucking will remove, rendering the treatment useless. But shaving will make the hair roots easily accessible to the laser beam.

2. Taking Several Sessions for Noticeable and Long-term Results

Another essential tip about laser hair removal is to take multiple sessions of the treatment to experience faster and lasting results. This is because the treatment works best for darker skin complexion and darker hair with only about 80% of the hair removed. With a lighter skin tone, you need several sessions to remove the hair follicles on the treatment area totally for effective results possible.

3. Never Apply Skin Products on Your Skin

When going for laser hair removal, it is important to avoid applying any skin care products on your skin, especially the treatment areas. This will help avoid unwanted outcomes, such as skin burns, irritation and pigmentation because skin care products contain components that can react negatively to the laser beam. 

4. Avoiding Sun Exposure 

It would help to avoid direct sun exposure after taking laser hair removal treatment to protect your the treated areas from direct sun radiation that can affect your now vulnerable skin after treatment. Given this, you should wear sunscreen if you must go out into the sun after the treatment.

5. Knowing the Post-treatment Side Effects

Having foreknowledge of the side effects of laser hair removal will allow you to plan for ways to avoid or handle the potential side effects. You may experience irritation and swelling on the treated areas. Meanwhile, you can apply cold water or warm compress to the treated area.


The above essential tips for laser hair removal are important to guarantee results. Contact the doctor handling the procedure if you need more information.