Ways to select OOTD


Ever faced trouble choosing your outfit of the day? Whether you are a high school goer, or to college, or even if you work at a firm, your daily outfits can define your performance. With an endless option peeking out from your closet, we understand that it can lead to a severe dilemma. Although there is not any particular guideline that you must follow, in this article we have highlighted some of the factors that you can bear in mind to enjoy a comfortable yet stylish day.

  • Choose according to the weather

This should be the topmost criteria on your priority list. Dress according to the weather such that you can stay comfortable. In Charlotte, NC Brent Emerson’s designer store has some of the best seasonal collections that you can horde in your wardrobe. Wear breezy flowy comfortable dresses in summer while going for layering during temperature drops. Thus, consideration for weather should always be made a priority.

  • Choose according to the occasion

We should all agree that for every occasion there is a particular dress code that must be followed so that you can ooze confidence. Different outfits befit different occasions differently and thus choice of selection can be tough. An official event always calls for wearing formals whereas, for a wedding, the outfit must be different. Well, not only clothing pieces but your accessories and footwear must also be in sync with the event you are attending.

  • Clear off your wardrobe

This may just sound cliché but making space in your wardrobe is a key step in choosing an outfit of the day. This can help you identifying apparel that appeals to you the most and you are most comfortable wearing them. Moreover, it gives an idea of pieces that you rarely wear thereby providing scope to make new looks. This fact is also backed by the leading elite designer Brent Emerson who holds in his showroom in Charlotte, NC some of the best pick apparels that can match every demand.

  • Sort your accessories

Accessories play a vital role in completing the overall look and very well depicting your personality. Sort and keep your accessories handy such that you can easily pick out the correct pieces every time. You can also sort out accessories according to categories or seasons so that next time you don’t have to waste time finding a piece.

Your OOTD depicts how to you feel and exuberates confidence. Remember to try, or plan out the outfit meticulously the previous night so that your outfit never feels rushed. In Charlotte, NC Brent Emerson stocks some of the most comfortable and super trendy outfits for your daily wears.