Ways to Help plan your wedding during a Long-Distance Relationship


If you are in a long distance relationship and are committed to taking the final plunge, then it does take a lot of effort to plan a wedding without the physical presence of the other. It does get difficult when you want that perfect wedding and therefore planning does get strenuous. You must then realize the importance of delegating some work and relinquishing control over certain things by entrusting them to your dear ones. Here are some tips to follow to avoid getting into a mess:

  1. Do not waste time in observing just shop straightaway

You won’t have enough time to casually scan through the various options available regarding the wedding details. The best thing would be to conduct a thorough research and aim for the selected few. This way, you would be making minimal trips to your wedding destination and you would be able to manage the time and money judiciously. Search the Internet for contacts and reviews. You could also turn to friends and relatives for referrals.

  1. Someone to help

If it is within your reach, then do hire a Wedding Planners Mumbai you choose to get married. They know all the nuances and tricks of the trade like the back of their hand, therefore, you will be spared from doing the running around. You should personally meet the shortlisted wedding planners and then determine who fits your style. You could even ask them for references to get a first-hand account. If you cannot afford a Wedding Planners, then do consider someone who could help you out on an hourly basis.

  1. Try doing things from the comfort of your home

There is a lot that one can manage and do within the comfort of one’s home. From selecting the color of your wedding gown to deciding the invites and flower schemes – there is a lot that you can do without having to wander outside. You could even fix up a caterer like that!

  1. Ship your luggage and wedding things before you fly

The best way to remain organized and make sure that everything is in order before you reach there would be to send off your entire wedding gear through a reliable shipping agent. This way you wouldn’t have to fret over the possibility of losing your luggage either.

  1. Find a middle place for conducting pre-wedding bashes

If both of your friends belong to different states, then getting them together for the pre-wedding celebrations would be a huge task. The best thing to do would be to choose a location where a majority of the invitees live and make that the venue. It would be the best thing to do, rather than having to organize separate parties and repeating everything twice.

  1. Rope in friends and family to help out

Last but not the least, be open and ask your friends and family for help whenever required. A lot of your work and stress can be relieved if you just delegate the work in the right hands. People love to help out and you never know how they might surprise you with their skills.