Various astrological tips to get financial stability.


Money is everybody’s need. Money is our sole means and it makes our existence smooth and comfortable. Whenever we see a person saying money is not everything we must know for sure that he/she is lying. The primary means to ensure that you are blessed with abundance is to make sure that you keep the Lord of Wealth happy. If the Lord of Wealth remains happy, no shortage of money occurs in such a situation. So how can you keep Lord Kuber happy? The most important app Astroyogi shows some of the remedies to get the financial stability and also make the Lord of Wealth happy.

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Remedies to ensure financial stability:

Meta description:If you want to clear all your debts, visit Hanuman Mandir every Tuesday and recite Hanuman Chalisa. It will give you the strength to ensure financial stability and contact our online astrologer….

Planets responsible for Financial problems:

Mars: Mars is mainly responsible for the cause of debt and money problems in a person’s life. When combines with Malefic houses such as the  6th, 8t,h, and 10th house, it makes a person overconfident and foolish and thereby taking wrong decisions.

Rahu: The shadow planet I the most mysterious and secretive planet out of all 9 planets. If Rahu is present in the right house, it will help you to achieve in all possible ways and you will never be in debt.

Saturn or Shani: l Saturn is called the planet of problems. It remains in everyone’s birth chart for a longer period and creates hurdles in your life.

Astrological Remedies To Overcome Financial Problems:

1 . Worship Lord Hanuman:

If you want to clear your all debts, you should recite the Hanuman Chalisa and visit the Hanuman Mandir every Tuesday. It makes you internally strong to fight any sort of financial crisis and acquire success in life. However, you should avoid eating Non- Vegetarian food on Tuesdays.

2 . Worship Planet Sun: To get rid of all the loans and debts by worshipping the Planet Sun every morning. Moreover, rendering water to the sun at the time of Surya Namaskar and chanting the  Om Namah Shivaya mantra 100 times every day helps. It surely helps you to improve your financial condition as the planet Sun symbolizes happiness and success.

3 . Worship Lord Kuber:

If you keep Lord Kuber happy, it is pretty sure that you will achieve all the happiness and wealth. He is the God of wealth and if he remains happy, you will never fall financially weak and there will never be a lack of anything in your life.

4 . Chant Mantras and Offer Pooja:

Chanting Mantras and offering Pooja help you in getting rid of all the financial crises in your life. Moreover, it will also help you to get over depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide,e, etc. Some of the main Mantras are-

Bahirav Mantra (108 times in a day)

Gayatri Mantra (108 times every day)

Chant “Luk Mukteshvar Mahadeva Namah”           everyday

Ganesh Pujan

Hanuman Arti

Some other Remedies:

1 . Place the locker in which you keep money towards the South-West corner of the house.  Lord Kuber resides in the North direction, the God of wealth,h and opening the locker in this direction ensures that there is never a shortage of money.

2 . Keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Cleaning the house and removing all the unnecessary things to live a debt-free life.

3 . Always pay the first installment of the Loan on Tuesday.

4 . Apply a mixture of camphor and Desi ghee on your forehead every day while leaving home

5 . Treat women with the utmost respect as they are the personification of Goddess Laxmi. There should be no broken vessel in your house

Every Friday, offer Vishnu Water with prayers and this pleases goddess Laxmi purely.

6 . Donate a small share of your income to charity every month.

7 . Keep Kuber Yantra in a red cloth at the place you worship when offering prayers.

8 . Feed 3 unmarried girls Kheer and also donate some yellow garments to them every Friday. Thi makes Goddess Laxmi pleased and she will surely bless you in all spheres of life.

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