Under Armour Mask for Athlete’s to train in a Post Covid-1


Under Armour Face Mask for comfortable training

The Global pandemic has been a nightmare for athletes. With majority of games and events been cancelled throughout the world, the only thing an athlete can do is train. However normal masks are not possible to be used during training as it would put much stress on your breathing.  As such it is difficult to train outdoors or in gym while wearing a mask.

With this problem in mind, Under Armour understood the importance of a special mask that would give maximum performance to athlete while adhering to stringent health norms. This mask had to be breathable, adjustable and comfortable enough to use for strenuous activities.  Hence Under Armour has designed UA FACEMASK for the Athletes and fitness enthusiast to train comfortable and safely in the post-covid world.

This mask has been innovatively made to have the best performance by the virtue of the breathable fabric. This mask is completely resistant to water and sweat. As such high intensity workout is possible while wearing it.  The breathable fabric doesn’t allow the mask to stick to the mouth while taking. As such, the voice sounds normal and not muffled. The masks are going to be a big part of the life going forward and it’s

Features of Under Armour Facemask

  1. The Facemask has an adjustable nose bridge that can limit airflow to eyes and reduce any respiratory droplet. As such it’s easier to wear glasses without worrying that they would become foggy due to the mask
  2. It is completely reusable and Water Resistant. As such a simple wash can prepare the mask for the future use.
  3. The inner layer of the mask disperses heat when it’s worn on the face. As such, the wearer would feel cool literally while wearing it.
  4. It is available in five colour and four sizes. The available colour includes state purple, pitch grey, black, navy and red. The available sizes are XL/XXL, LG/XL, MD/LG, SM/MD
  5. The Ear loops can be stretched which make for a more comfortable grip and fitting.
  6. It doesn’t allow sweat to build up in the inner layer of the mast which covers the nose and mouth. This result in increased breathability

Reason to use Under Armour Face Mask

If you wear a normal mask while training, it can make you breathless. This is a very dangerous situation as our body needs enough oxygen during intense exercise to function properly. This less intake of oxygen can have much adverse effect and is very bad for health in the long run. As such wearing an UA facemask made from breathable fabric will help in getting the much needed oxygen to your body during workout.

Every Athlete, sportsperson and fitness enthusiast should use the Under Amour Facemask. Make use of the Under Armour discount code and get the Facemask that would help you to continue training and do exercises safely.