Udaipur Travel Guide: When to visit, What to eat, where and what to do?


Udaipur is popularly referred to as the ‘City of Lakes’. This is because there are present several man-made lakes here to serve needs of the people of the city. This city is well connected by train, road and plane. If you choose to fly to this city by taking a flight, then you get to arrive at Maharana Pratap Airport. Udaipur is a hot favourite among travellers visiting Delhi since it is nearby, affordable and small enough to explore during the weekend. Since it is overcrowded throughout the year by travellers coming from all parts of the world, you need to find out the taj lake palace udaipur package cost in advance. This will ensure that you book ahead on your preferred dates.

Travel & Accommodations

Also do remember to book in advance your train/flight bookings and carry along appropriate clothes. There are direct trains and flights from different parts of the country. If visiting from Delhi, you may travel by long distance bus that is easily available here or by booking a cab.

Intra-city travel is possible by availing Ola or UBER apps. They can take you to major tourist hotspots. You may even opt to choose autos that are quite big enough to accommodate your family members. Being a local, they can be an excellent guide providing you with whatever information they have gained about the city and the tourist spots here. Thus, you don’t require hiring an extra guide. Besides lakes and palaces, you are sure to be fascinated by the exotic food that is served here. It is something special and not found elsewhere. You can also find Lake Pichola to be surrounded by several gorgeous looking boutique hotels. You may even prefer to stay one of the palaces here that is converted into a hotel. This way, you can get a feeling of how the erstwhile rajas and ranas used to stay here and rule the land.

Generally, the houses and hotels here can be noticed to be decorated in beautiful Rajasthani motifs. Most of the hotels here also offer their guests with a welcome drink like cold lassi to help ward off the heat and post-travel tiredness. In case you are travelling with babies or old parents, then make sure to get a room that is easily accessible. This is because the havelis here are very large and the rooms quite big. This means, you may have to climb long stairs and walk a long distance before you reach your assigned room. This can be troublesome for those with health issues, the elderly and those carrying small children. Otherwise find a hotel that has lift and power backup facilities.


Lake Pichola

After getting relaxed at your hotel on arrival, have a light breakfast. Get a ferry ride around Jagmandir and Lake Pichola. Walking towards the ferry will allow you to enjoy the scenic sight. You can find monkeys hopping or playing on trees. The waters of the lake are quite clear and reflect the blue, bright sky. A ride on this lake is sure to calm your senses and relax you completely. The wind and boat’s rhythm and the Taj Lake Palace resplendent view are quite magical. The boat takes you to Jagmandir, located at the lake’s middle part. This luxurious garden is said to have hosted several celebrity weddings and is very expensive.

You will be quite surprised that several trees have grown on this marbled structure. Also are present slightly expensive, small cafes established in this garden to serve the hungry guests with a wide range of tasty, well prepared delicacies. You may plan to leave whenever you are ready and can get a ferry ride back.

Bagore Ki Haveli

This palace is near City Palace. During evenings, it hosts artists from across the state to provide tourists with a real feel of Rajasthani culture. You need to be at this venue before 7pm. Next, you may spend quality time at the Gangaur Ghat.

Saheliyon Ki Baari

The following day, you should visit this stunning garden that was established for the princess as well her friends. What is unique with this garden is that several other gardens have been stitched together. You can find here numerous ‘natural’ fountains, lotus ponds, large grass stretches, host of flora, shady trees, diverse flower species, stone lions and elephants. It is indeed a wonderful location to capture photos.

City Palace

It is an interesting haveli in Udaipur city known for its Diwan-E-Khas, room of mirrors, ancient toilet and a bathtub created from a single marble piece. If you have some more time, then do visit during sunset Monsoon Palace (Sajangarh Fort). The evening setting sun can be quite mesmerizing beyond the horizon. Its brilliant red and orange hues enveloping the sky can make a great sight.


If you are a foodie and love to try new items, then you are sure to be surprised with what this city has on offer. It is sure to meet as well as exceed your expectations. Several hotels here boast of having rooftop cafes that is sure to offer scrumptious food to fill your bellies and heart. The locals love having different types of dal. They are quite tasty. Some restaurants are said to have installed seats close to the lake, allowing you to enjoy your drink with the flickering lamp offering light.

At Lake Pichola, you should visit Hari Garh Restaurant as it offers its guests with a romantic and amazing candle-lit dinner. But for something more formal, you may walk down along Lake Fateh Sagar, down the Chawpati. Here, they serve buttery Pav Bhaji to Maggie, etc. But the popularly ordered item here is their cold coffee served loaded with chocolate chips and ice cream.

During free time, you can visit Hathi Pol market that is closeby. They do offer items at reasonable prices and not much bargaining is generally done here.

Considering a viable taj lake palace udaipur package cost within your budget will allow you to enjoy the weekend trip thoroughly.