Tips To Effective Waste Management Seattle WA


    With waste production being an inevitable activity in every household and business places, the topic of waste management Seattle WA concerns one and all.  This article sheds light on how best to manage and dispose of your waste.


    • Know What You Are Dealing With


    Waste products are of different types, and the method you employ in handling them is directly related to their types. So, before you begin to devise ways of managing your waste, first of all, determine the type of waste that your household or business place produces.

    You also want to know how much waste you are producing each week. A quick observation would provide you with the much-needed information.

    What Next?

    Once you’ve determined the sort of waste you are dealing with and the amount you produce, you can then consider the following.

    These are several waste management Seattle WA practices that you can use to reduce the waste your business or household produce.


    • Do Away with Disposables.


    This pertains especially to businesses as they tend to use disposable cups and plasticware in the office kitchen or break room. These should be replaced by coffee mugs and other reusable utensils.

    Workers should be encouraged to bring lunches in Tupperware rather than disposable containers. 

    In essence, both in office spaces and homes, items used regularly should have a re-use quality rather than a one-time use.


    • Think Donation Rather Than Disposal


    There are a number of businesses whose waste are useful to others. Hotels and grocery stores for instance do not have to throw out food or food items. These can always be donated to shelters or food banks as long as they are still edible.

    Hotels also donate other essentials like soaps, shampoo and skincare products to those who need them. If it is your office that’s updating its hardware, then make sure to donate your old computers, printers, and other electronics to people who need them.

    The beauty of this is that you do not only reduce the waste you produce and the money you’d have spent disposing them. You could also get some money for them, albeit a token. 


    • Make Use of Recycle Bins Alongside Trash Cans


    Encourage your workers and your household to sort recyclable materials different from regular trash by providing designated recycling bins for specific materials. This is a very efficient waste management Seattle WA practice as materials that go into the recycle bin do not end up in landfills. Rather, they are transformed into something else that could be useful to your organization or to some other organization elsewhere.


    • Try Composting


    Composting is a green approach to handling certain food and paper wastes. Many households do it and maybe you as a business should pick up the practice too. To do this, all you need to do is buy a tight-sealing compost bin that would minimize odor and keep the flies away. You’d also need compostable bags for easy transfer of your compost to a drop-off site.

    One useful tip to getting your waste management Seattle WA practices to be effective is to create awareness. Make sure every one in your household and at your business place understand your goals and that they are all on board.