These 8 Apps Can Potentially Replace WhatsApp on Your Phone


    Texting, calling, and conference video calls are a few of the most essential activities that keep us a step away from isolation. And with phenomenal apps like WhatsApp, our communication experiences have become all the more entertaining and convenient.

    What if we told you that WhatsApp isn’t the only communication app filled with useful communication features? That’s right, there are several exceptional WhatsApp alternatives that you could use to stay in touch with your friends and family.

    Below are some of the best WhatsApp alternatives that, with access to a mere internet connection, can connect you to your loved ones all day long.


    Threema is an amazing mobile messenger that takes pride in creating secure conversations for all its users. You would easily be able to engage in important and private conversations with other people without the worry of your information being leaked.

    The app lets you keep all your conversation under a lock which can only be accessed by entering a dedicated PIN code. Moreover, it offers other neat features like a voting feature, an ad-free experience, and several others that make the app worth downloading.


    The Wire messaging app brings a sleek yet simple design to the game. With cross-platform compatibility and secure one-to-one conversations, the app makes for a remarkable messaging app.

    The app also lets you enjoy group chats and call with your friends and family without compromising your privacy whatsoever. You can easily share important documents and other files without the threat of them being compromised.


    There aren’t many smartphone apps that let you take in the experience without an ad popping every now and then. Fortunately, apps like Telegram are still here to provide seamless communication for all its users.

    This app offers all the necessary features of a typical messaging app; and further adds handy features such as cross-platform synchronization, unlimited media storage, and air-tight security. It even lets you add up to 200,000 members in a group chat and enables you to share as large files as you want.


    Instead of remembering your own and your friend’s phone number, why not come with a fancy username? This is exactly what Kik Messenger offers. Used by millions already, Kik is a unique messaging app that you could opt over WhatsApp.

    Not only does it enable you to engage in conference video calls with all your friends, but it lets you enjoy small games with them to help make the conversation more fun. To top it off, you would also be able to meet new people based on similar likes and dislikes.

    Signal Private Messenger

    Signal is an open-source messaging app that all iOS and Android users might find useful. Not only does it let you enjoy instant messaging, crystal-clear voice quality, and smooth video calls, but it also lets you send messages that vanish into thin air after a certain period.

    Furthermore, this app brings several other amazing features such as dark mode, custom notifications, and a built-in image editor that lets you personalize your photos before you share them with your friends.


    Merging the social media and messaging experience into one, WeChat is an essential smartphone app worthy of being downloaded. Billions of people are already benefiting from its location-sharing, video-calling, and entertainment features.

    The app also lets you translate your messages into up to 20 different languages. Additionally, it lets you access a detailed news feed where you can catch up on the daily activities of your friends and family.


    LINE is a stellar messaging and calling app that you might like as a WhatsApp alternative. With a plethora of messaging and expressive features, the app provides a complete entertainment experience.

    The app allows you to host group conversations with up to 200 of your close friends and family. Not to mention, a collection of unique and vibrant stickers that will allow you to express all your feelings in a better way.

    ginlo Private Messenger

    ginlo is yet another messaging app that focuses on the privacy and security of all its users. The app provides an ad-free experience where everyone can enjoy private conversations with their loved ones.

    The app features a relatively simple design that one may easily get hang of on the first encounter. If you find mobile apps and their features a bit complicated, this is the app you might want to start with.

    On a Final Note

    There you go – these are some of the best messaging apps that you can choose as the ultimate alternative for WhatsApp. We are confident that you will find at least one app that will provide you with a private, secure, and fun messaging experience. One last thing though, all these amazing apps won’t do you any good if you are not connected to a good internet service. And you simply cannot rely on your cellular data all the time. So, make sure to check out the Suddenlink internet plans on the BuyTVInternetPhone platform. It offers several exceptional benefits like reasonable rates, blazing-fast speeds, and much more. Not to mention the Suddenlink customer service team is one of the best in the country.