The Role a Car Accident Reconstruction Specialist Play in Your Injury Claim


Often, it is not easy to determine liability in an automobile accident. But, a third party who can offer an objective view into how the accident occurred may help determine who caused the accident and who must pay for the injury costs. An accident reconstruction specialist is third party who can establish liability based on the facts of an accident. 

What Does a Reconstruction Expert Do?

An accident reconstruction specialist has extensive knowledge of engineering and physics and is skilled in reconstructing an accident scene. The reconstruction is meant to evaluate all factors that may have caused or contributed to the accident including vehicle speed, driver conduct, visibility, and weather conditions. It is especially essential in injury claims when several parties caused the accident or if the claim is contested. Also, reconstruction helps judges visualize the accident scene and what occurred. 

The testimony of a reconstruction specialist may offer clarity with conflicting testimonies from eyewitnesses. For example, two witnesses who were there when the accident happened may have different lines of sight, which can significantly impact what each of them might see. To address the inconsistencies between the testimonies of these witnesses, a reconstruction specialist should be hired. Accident reconstruction is important to validate your claim and identify who is liable for the cost of your injuries.  

Should You Hire an Accident Reconstruction Specialist?

Every injury case is different. With some car accidents, liability is easy to determine without the need for testimony from an expert. But, complex accidents like those that involved several parties or accidents that resulted from poor road conditions may require reconstruction to be resolved. Your idaho car accident attorney should tell you whether you should hire this expect or not. 

Who Pays for the Services of a Reconstruction Expert?

If your personal injury lawyer recommends working with an expert witness, you may wonder who pays their fees. Generally, personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis. Thus, they pay upfront costs while they build your injury claim. They will deduct fees associated with your case later from the amount they will recover for you. They understand that your case affects your life, no matter your claim’s possible value. That is why they take measures for balancing case expenses with an approach to help you get a maximum settlement. 

If you or someone you know have been a victim of a car accident because of the negligent action of another driver, you should seek legal help from an injury attorney. The initial consultation won’t cost you anything. Also, your attorney will not ask you to pay upfront fees for their services.