The Right Method For Working Perfectly As a Merchant Service Sales Representative


Do you want to become a Merchant Services Sales Representative? As a regulated profession, its status often raises many questions. Let’s find out all there is to know about this job.

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The merchant account sales representative profession covers several activity sectors: insurance, finance and even real estate. The role of a sales representative is to guide its clients towards the commercial offer adapted to their needs. His daily life revolves around the following tasks:

  • Offer the most suitable contracts to the wishes and requests of its customers. For this, the sales representative must perfectly master the environment of the sector concerned, and the offers which are marketed there.
  • Negotiate contracts at the best price for its customers
  • Supporting customers in the process of signing various documents and contracts with insurers

What training to follow to become a sales representative?

A multitude of paths lead to the profession of merchant services sales representative. The skills required vary by industry. Do you want to become an insurance sales representative? You must be able to justify a professional capacity of Insurance intermediaries.

There are different approaches to obtain it:

  • Take 150 hours of training at a credit institution, with a training organization, or with a sales representative himself.
  • Proof of professional experience in capitalization management in an insurance company or insurance contracts. Allow 2 years minimum for a credit card processing sales manager, 4 years for a non-manager employee.
  • Have a Masters or License level diploma, with a specialty in Finance, Banking and Insurance.
  • Do you want to direct your career towards real estate brokerage?

You must meet the following conditions:

  • A diploma of Bac + 2 grade is required.
  • Take training in a specialized institution.
  • If you wish to practice independently, you will have to undergo professional training of 150 hours.

All categories of sales representative must register with Organization for the Register of Insurance Intermediaries. Future sales representatives are asked to justify coverage of at least 1.5 million dollars per claim, and 2 million dollars per year. Each sales representative must renew their registration with this organization each year. The cost of this subscription is 25 $.

The registration file must necessarily include the following documents:

  • Professional Liability insurance
  • A financial guarantee certificate
  • Proof of professional capacity
  • An extract from the criminal record

Why become an independent sales representative?

A distinction is made between independent sales representatives and salaried sales representatives. Today, self-employed status is particularly attractive, for simple reasons:

Entrepreneurs find in this form of work flexibility and flexibility, embracing the demands of many workers today.

Self-employment is favored by the public authorities: micro-entrepreneurs, and people practicing benefit from more flexible creation, management and dissolution procedures compared to the other statutes.

Domiciliation, why is it the best choice for sales representatives?

A fundamental step in the creation of your sales brokerage company with the merchant services sales representative is the definition of your head office address. Many sales representatives choose business domiciliation. This service makes it possible to distinguish the address of your head office and your actual place of practice. Take advantage of a wide range of addresses located in the prestigious districts or major cities.

And, when exploring how to start a credit card processing company, a methodical approach is imperative. Begin by comprehensively studying the market, regulatory requirements, and technology prerequisites. Develop a robust business strategy, secure financial resources, and cultivate vital partnerships with banks and retailers. These foundational steps are critical for success in this competitive industry.