The Reasons Why We Love Pulled Pork Recipes  


The pulled pork rub is my go-to BBQ condiment, made with brown sugar and loaded with staples to create a sweet base. Next, the pork shoulder is dusted with spices and slowly and low boiled in a braising liquid, prepared with beer and other umami-packed ingredients. The result is juicy and delicate but also incredibly aromatic.

Right flavour profile

There is no healthy pulled pork, but pork shoulder in this BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe has the right flavour profile. Use dry spices and juices to add flavour to pulled pork in this recipe, not barbecue sauce. You can add the pulled pork sauce while it cooks. The taste will be so intense and rich

The magic of slow cooker

A slow cooker is easy-to-use kitchen equipment. It is also a regulator of temperature and always incredibly even, especially for slow-cooked pulled pork. The magic of a slow cooker is undeniable! The tenderness and juiciness of any meat will be exceptional. Unlike using other tools, the results are primarily dry and tough.



It is a staple in some houses. There are great ways to use pulled pork rub, from tacos, burritos to sandwiches and Nachos. This recipe for grilled pork gives you juicy, delicately pulled pork cooked even in a slow cooker by hand. The rich barbecue flavour, barbecue rub, and barbecue sauce make a pulled pork rub recipe the best. It’s perfect for busy weekdays, or you can reuse leftovers for the week

Easy to prepare

Cut off excess fat from the pork shoulder, rub spice mixture over the shoulder, and place in a slow cooker. Add your pork shoulder and apply it 24 hours before you plan to cook your meat. When you know that the pork is cooked, you can remove it from your cooker onto a plate or chopping board and use two forks to crush it.

Additional Flavours

You may add onions for extra flavour. Either yellow or red will work well. Cooking onions for an extended period is a good technique here, they almost melt, and the flavours perfectly merge with the pork. You may skip this part or maybe add a minimal amount as not everyone is an onion lover.  

Pork recipes are adaptable and versatile, particularly if the pork does not have a strong flavour initially. Try to use mustard to dry the grate, stick to the pork, and help in creating a good rind. We don’t need to add barbecue sauce in many different ways to amplify flavours.