The Popular Types of Lottery


Undoubtedly, the lottery is one of the most iconic gambling games of all time. Because of its easy-to-understand mechanics and huge jackpot prizes, many individuals surely adore this game. Similar to any gambling activity, through the years, a lot of lotto variations were created. Generally, they differ on the number of winning combinations and the value of prizes being offered.

As such, below is a compilation of the most popular variants of lotto. These activities have been known in various countries and have established their names within the gambling industry.


Obviously, among all the variants, the most popular is its original version, the lotto. This can be played not just on land-based casinos but also on online betting sites like result hk. Unlike other gambling activities, this offers huge jackpots that can even range up to 300 million dollars.

The game’s concept is very simple, participants just have to select 6 numbers from the range of 0 to 47 and mark them on the card provided. The winners will be determined depending on the combination of numbers drawn by the hosts; in an instance, players can become a millionaire if they happen to match all the drawn values.

Usually, big lotto events use colorful balls and a special drawing machine; during the coup, the device will randomly withdraw the numbers. However, as honest as it could be, the probability of winning this game is very minute. To deal with this, there are other events where players who have match 5 winning numbers can receive awards up to 1 million dollars; surely this game is not bad as it seems.


Since the year 1992, Powerball has been prospering in the arena of the lottery. Although each play requires $2, the game’s odds of winning are greater compared to the traditional version of lotto; however, this could change depending on the value of the jackpot and the number of people participating. The game proceeds by having 5 white balls and a red ball drawn during each coup. Generally, the range is composed of 59 balls and a separate drum is used for the red balls. The major Powerball events are held by the Australian Powerball, New Zealand Powerball, and the U.S. Powerball. Typically, these games have jackpot prizes ranging from 20 million dollars up to 500 million dollars.


Often as the bonus game, raffles run alongside the traditional version of lotto. Among all the events, the popular raffles are the Loteria de Navidad and the UK Lotto Raffle which both provide extraordinary jackpots. However, there are also raffle events online where good prizes are provided; people just have to visit betting sites like result hk and sign-up on their membership. For its mechanics, the game follows a different concept because players do not choose their numbers. The participants will be given by tickets that have unique and specific codes; the winners will be determined on who has the tickets that match the drawn winning codes.