The Kingdom of Bengal Cats: A New World for Animal Lovers


There are three types of rosettes (doughnut rosette, shadow rosette and paw print rosette) depending on where the warmer colored part is. In the marbled Bengal, the coat pattern consists of broad stripes. Black rings can always be seen on the tail of Bengals. There are also Bengals where the base color is creamy or ivory white. There are three different types of these Bengals:

Seal mink: This Bengal has a cream coat that shows rosettes or thick, horizontal stripes. The eyes of this type of cat are usually blue or green.

Seal sepia: this Bengal has the same coat color and possibility of patterns on this coat as the seal mink, but here the eyes are always golden.

Seal lynx: Also in this color pattern, the cat’s fur is light colored and may have rosettes or horizontal stripes on it. The color of the eyes here is always blue.

How Do You Choose A Bengal Kitten?

If, after reading all this information, you are still interested in the Bengal cat, or perhaps you have grown to love the breed even more than before, you can start looking for a breeder. Here’s an overview of some important things to look out for so that you buy a healthy cat. Be sure to use this list if you are unsure about the breeder you want to visit. Make a visit to for different information on them.

Price Factor

The average price for a Bengal kitten is between $950 and $1200, but for an extra nice specimen to show or breed with; sometimes more than $ 2500 is paid. Do you have a breeder who offers you a fantastic deal and asks you to buy a Bengal for $400? Then always be alert. Such a good deal will always mean there is a problem with the Bengal. Maybe this kitten or one of her parents has problems with a hereditary disease? Or maybe the parents aren’t true Bengals and the kitten just looks like a cat of that breed. Therefore, always ask the breeder if you want the pedigree and the official test results of the parents when you visit a litter of kittens. It goes without saying that you always receive the vaccination booklet and the pedigree of your cat with your purchase.

Dealing With the Professional Breeder

Always check how many litters the breeder has when you visit your future kitten. If the breeder has many litters of different breeds, this is often a sign that you are dealing with a breeder. These breeders mainly want to earn as much money as possible and that is at the expense of the parents. It can be very tiring, especially for the cats, to have many litters of kittens every year. In addition, these breeders often have too little time to spend with their kittens, so the cats do not learn to deal with people. If you buy such a cat, she may be very shy around you. Visit to know about adopting them.

Don’t Forget To Adopt a Bengal from the Shelter

With this you not only save a cat that otherwise might not find a home, but you also help yourself. It can sometimes take a lot of time to raise a cat to be a pleasant life companion. If you buy a cat from the shelter, you don’t have that problem because she has often already been raised by the employees of the shelter or by her previous owner.