Novita Diamonds And The Difference Between Lab Grown Diamonds And Natural Diamonds


When diamonds are gifted to someone by their loved ones, it represents an eternal love for each other, and hence, diamonds get the tag for being ‘diamonds forever’. It has been observed that people love gifting their loved one’s diamonds on special occasions like birthday or anniversaries or as an engagement or marriage ring. However, it is important for people to say goodbye to the mined diamonds and commit to something that is more ethical like a lab grown diamond. If you are looking for a store that deals with lab grown diamonds, you can always visit Novita diamonds and check out their unique collections.

What is lab grown Diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are not just a replica of natural diamonds, but are much better than the natural diamonds in many other ways. Its benefits have made people buy more of man-made diamonds than the natural ones. If someone is new to lab grown diamonds, the first question that will strike them is whether or not these diamonds are real.  It will be better to say that these diamonds are 100% authentic. As the name suggests, they are made in the laboratories but every care is taken to give the authentic look that it requires.

Lab grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Before deciding whether the lab grown diamonds are better or natural, it is important to know the difference between the two.

  • Ethical values

It is believed that the mined diamonds are formed deeper into the earth almost one or three billion years ago. To get the diamond, it is necessary to hire miners who would go deep inside the earth and mine out those precious stones, this leads to health hazards for the miners as sunlight and air are not able to penetrate inside. Along with the health hazards, it also causes environmental misbalance, as the earth is being mined. But, this issue is solved with the help of lab-grown diamonds, which are created by following all the ethical values in mind.

  • Price

Another difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural Diamond is that lab grown diamonds are much less costly than the natural one’s, this is because natural diamonds are mined from the earth which needs a lot of miner and machinery costs which are excluded in the lab grown diamonds as they are made by human beings and therefore there is no need to hire and pay miners. Low prices have always been the main driver behind an increase in sales.

  • Value

Natural diamonds are considered to be more valuable than the lab grown diamonds. The main reason is that lab grown diamonds are new in the market and have not been able to recognize its value yet. However, it has been anticipated that as people come to learn about the lab grown diamonds on accepting it, there will be an increase in the price of these diamonds and it will also witness an increase in its value. Due to the education on diamonds grading and within increasing knowledge about the ASET scope, there has been an increase in the value of high-quality natural diamonds.