The Best Massage after a Dip in Pool/Beach for Your Skin


Many people are there who go for a regular massage. The secret to glowing and well-polished ruby skin is not simply scrubbing it and applying all sorts of cream. Sometimes, there are different ways you get good and healthy skin, and one of the best is through massage. Massage is also known as a skin healer. Most of the time people go for holidays in resorts with beach and they swim in the pool and the beaches. The result of swimming in the chlorine water and salty water results in dry and damaged skin. But, now there is a remedy for that and that is to get a good kneading (massage) done for your skin.

Best Massage Center for Holidays

If you are on a holiday and have used the pool or the beach to swim and have fun, then it’s time to turn and take care of your skin and body, by providing it with needed oxygen, which is only possible through herbal massage. With chlorine and salt, the skin gets damaged and patchy, of course, you will not be able to see the skin with a bare eye. But the damage is there, so you will need a good type of kneading (massage) and spa therapy to heal your skin. Therefore, if you are on a trip in Korea, do switch to 목포출장안마 for getting good healing for your skin and body.

Which Massage to Take After a Dip in Pool

So, now you must be wondering what type of massage should you take that will heal your skin from the damage of chlorine and salts. It is obvious if you take any massage consisting of oil, it will not help. Oil will cover the patch and make it more badly, or it will stay as it is. Therefore, the first thing, if you have gone in the water (whether pool or beach), is just go straightway for a good powder massage. It is also known as udvartana, in this therapy herbal powder of dried herbs, leaves, and bark of trees, turmeric is used, and many more are there.

Powder Massage – 

They will first use the powder and dry scrub over all your skin. Water can be added but it will be added in little quantity. After hours of scrubbing, all your dry and patchy skin will be removed after that they will wash off. Then, you can choose another massage therapy combined with this spa-like aromatherapy or deep tissue, or hot stone massage. But mostly, people choose aromatherapy.

For a Ruby Glow Skin

After getting good aromatherapy and other polishes for your skin, your skin will start glowing like a ruby. One of the reasons why I used the word ruby skin is because after scrubbing and massaging, due to blood circulation your skin will start giving a natural pink glow. Most of the time people don’t notice it. This will enhance the look of your skin and overall you will feel relaxed, energetic and will have healthy skin. So, this way through powder massage therapy combined with aromatherapy, your patchy skin, and after-effects of chlorine and salt can be removed from the skin easily. So, whenever you take a dip don’t forget to take a massage after that.