Sofa Slipcovers and Furniture Reupholstery in DUBAI


A slipcover is also known as the loose cover, which is a removable cloth for a sofa or chair. It is a piece of fabric that gives protection to your upholstered furniture. It is designed to fit precisely on your couch, and you can remove it to clean or wash whenever you want and increase the life of your furniture. 

Slipcovers have been used since the 17th century during the medieval European period. At that time, they were simple dust covers for expensive or unique furniture. They were just like bed sheets but sewed to fit precisely for each piece of furniture, protecting them from sun exposure, harsh seasons, moist, and even from animals. 

They came in popularity during the 18th century and were used as the fashion cloth cover or sofa covers. They were light-weighted, perfect for summers, and breathable to absorbed moisture. They were made in cotton, linen, and even cotton-linen blend fabrics for durability and protection.

Over time the popularity of slipcovers increases, and now they come in different types and become the piece of attention. Custom slipcovers maybe consist of piping, welting, contrasting buttons, French pleats, and many more. Tailors prepare the slipcovers after getting the size of your couch or sofa and design it as you describe according to your wish. Sofa slipcovers also now move towards the tea of fashion and have a looser fit shape. They are a bit bigger and free than your sofa or chair. This fashion comes due to the shrinkage of fabric like linen in summer. So, now you can see the loose slipcovers that flow to the floor with wrinkles. 

Sometimes ago, slipcovers were also available in plastic that protects the furniture in large stores. After its popularity in 1950, new techniques came into being, and new Sofa Slipcovers were designed that were more comfortable to maintain and clean and environmentally friendly.

Knit slipcovers, elasticated Sofa Slipcovers, and many other designs are proof of the comeback of slipcovers in this modern era. They are available in every size, color, shape, and design for your couch. If you are feeling obsessed with your sofa’s look, then slipcovers are the best way to change the entire look of your couch, and it can protect you from making a significant investment for buying a new sofa.