Slots and Your Solutions for Winning


Learning the basics of slot machine games is pretty easy. However, there is a wide variety of rules that are more or less complicated depending on the game. In this guide, discover the basics of slot games and go into the details of each game, by consulting the description below of all the games available on our site.

The Principle of Slot Machines

Slot machines are games of chance, which means that experience or skill does not matter in the outcome of your games. Only luck will allow you to land big wins. Each machine has different bets and payouts. Choose the slot online indonesia for the best results now.

Basic Principle:

  • Introduce money or credit your player account
  • Choose the value of a credit (example: 1 credit = 0.5 $)
  • Choose the number of credits to play
  • Choose the number of line combinations
  • Bet credits (Bet)
  • Click on the button “Spin”, “Play” or “Spin”
  • Depending on the combination of the machine, you cash out winnings
  • The more you bet, the more you win

The machines have different characteristics such as the number of reels, the number of lines and combination lines, but also the number and type of bonuses.

Slot Machine Bonuses

Bonuses allow you to win a lot and really add interest to a slot machine game. Bonuses are elements that change over time and are often decisive in choosing your favorite games.

Progressive bonus: Progressive bonuses are the most interesting in general since they offer substantial gains. The amount of these bonuses increase according to the bets of the players on the machine or on a network of machines. To earn this bonus you usually have to make the most complex combination of the game by playing the maximum bet.

Special Bonuses: The special bonus is a bonus more or less easy to obtain which is often related to the theme of the game. For example in the game Baker Street, you must collect 10 clues over the whole of your game to obtain the bonus special.

Wild: The wild is a kind of joker that allows you to complete your game to finalize a combination to your advantage. The Wild is obtained quite frequently and often becomes synonymous with winning.