Sidr Honey – Knowing The Story Behind Its Origin!


The mystery of the adored Sidr honey lies in the tale of the beneficial Sidr tree (Ziziphus spina-christi), otherwise called Lote tree, Christ’s Thorn, Jujube or Nabk tree. Local people have been utilizing each of the pieces of this tree to treat various kinds of health impediments. Sidr honey is one of the rarest honey varieties available in this world. It is the best and known to cure diseases. It has plenty of minerals, nutrients, and different supplements, which make it better.

About the Sidr Tree –

The Sidr tree is an old tree, referenced multiple times in the Qur’an. For example, in Surah Saba, it is referenced as an earth tree, while in other Sura, it is referenced as a heaven tree (Sidrat al-Muntaha). As per a few customs, Jesus’ crown of thistles was produced using the parts of this tree.

The Sidr tree is a solid tree with deep roots that has faced the overwhelming surges of Eram at Ma’arib Yemen with other trees: the Tamarisk and the Mustard Tree. The Sidr tree belongs to the “Ziziphus’ ‘group of plants. The normal tree size is typically between 7-8 meters high. Its branches are delicate and grey yellowish. The plant’s blossoms are yellow, just like the round Sidr fruits, which become red when ripened.

Sidr plants grow in seaside, desert, and semi-desert regions. The Sidr tree can be found in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The tree grows broadly in the eastern piece of Yemen.

The fruits of the Sidr tree, whose seeds are wealthy in protein, have a high dietary benefit that supports energy and reinforces invulnerability. The leaves, then again, are wealthy in calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Story Behind the Origin of Sidr Honey –

As indicated by the Qur’an, a single Sidr tree, or jujube, denotes the highest limit of paradise. Thus, on the earth, amid the harsh Yemeni desert, the pleasantness of Sidr honey is esteemed as a symbol of perseverance.

Various varieties of raw honey give medicinal and therapeutic characteristics; nonetheless, Yemeni Sidr honey gives an abundance of nutrients, minerals, and extra supplements that make it very remarkable. It can fix various conditions alongside boosting the immune system, upgrading energy, treating different digestive issues and supporting a healthy gut. As Sidr trees grow in separate areas, it considers creating a genuine monofloral honey. There’s simply a short period during the year at which the tree’s blossoms are sprouting, and the type of honey bees that gather the nectar of these blossoms are also uncommon, so the honey is too.

What Are the Properties of Sidr Honey?

All raw honey has antibacterial and calming properties, but each honey is diverse to the next. Nicknamed the “Manuka of the Middle East “, Sidr honey is rich in iron, protein, calcium, and magnesium supplements. The therapeutic properties of Sidr Honey are articulated in specific societies. Distributed investigations show that Sidr honey is wealthy in antibacterial and calming properties.

Taste & Color of Sidr Honey –

Sidr honey is thick with a rich, natural and buttery sweet taste. There is a marginally sour and tart aftertaste. It has a solid burnt orange shading when runny, turning a creamy yellow when crystallized.

Sidr Honey Benefits –

There is a motivation behind why Sidr honey is probably the best variety of honey on the planet and for its tremendous interest the whole way across the globe. Sidr honey is something beyond functional for your body. It not just recuperates the body or forestalls contaminations. It additionally works on the general well-being by boosting the body’s immunity. This is the reason people should get their hands on a portion of this honey and add it instantly to their diet.

Sidr honey also ends up being a natural aphrodisiac when mixed in with carrot seeds and nuts. It has various other advantages and can be used practically. A portion of the primary Sidr honey benefits includes –

  • Relieves throat pain, cough, and influenza side effects
  • Lifts and colossally builds immune power
  • Further develops energy levels
  • Helps battle diseases and healing measures
  • Assists with headaches
  • Lifts memory retention
  • Diminishes bed-wetting among kids
  • It might possibly help in healing cancer
  • Since it has zero fat and low sugar, it very well may be used for weight reduction
  • It contains anti-ageing properties that help in offering healthy and sparkling skin

The incredible ancient healing Sidr tree, which has provided its nectar to the hardworking bees, has created great flavoured honey that is tasty & healthier too. So grab the benefits of this unique natural honey variety and thank bees and beekeepers for all their efforts to make it available to all of us.