Should you hire a lawyer for filing divorce in Quebec? Find here!


Divorce matters can get complicated in no time. If you want to file for divorce in Quebec, you or your spouse must have lived here continuously for a period of at least one year. The Federal Divorce Act is applicable here, and divorce is only granted when either or both spouses prove evidence of “breakdown of marriage”. There are several grounds that can be considered filing for divorce in Quebec, such as adultery, physical and mental cruelty, and separation. This brings us to the main question- Should you hire a lawyer for your case? In short – Yes, you need someone like Andrew Heft family lawyer to represent your case. Let’s look into the details. 

Getting legal advice

Every couple is different, and while grounds may be similar, the actual situations are never the same. In Quebec, it is mandatory to wait for a separation period of one year, before the divorce judgement can be pronounced, but matters and filing can be initiated right after separation. Your lawyer is your first point of advice for filing or responding to a divorce case. The role of a family lawyer is to offer a realistic and practical overview of the case. Your lawyer will also outline the possible outcomes, with regards to matters like child custody. 

Protecting your interests

In many cases, couples often agree on a lot of divorce-related matters, but even then, having a family law attorney helps. You want to be sure that you are not getting the raw deal, or are not signing papers that are not in your favor. Your attorney will ensure that all talks with the other party is done in a way that your interests are protected. For instance, if you want child support, your lawyer will ensure that the amount is justifiable and not something that you are being forced to accept because of the circumstances.

Paperwork and legal proceedings

Your lawyer is also very important when it comes to completing legal proceedings and ensuring that the paperwork has no loopholes. Divorce doesn’t stop your life, or the way you live, and therefore, it is necessary to have a legal team that looks into the necessary matters, while you focus on things that make you happy or are important, like finding a home, or your job. 

Hire the best attorney for your divorce in Quebec – It does matter for your own interests in the case.