See The Indian Wedding Calculator At Intellirings To Follow A Budget For Your Wedding


A wedding comes with a lot of planning and excitement. It starts with picking out the wedding dress, choosing the engagement ring, selecting the food menu and venue. So before getting started, you should see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings. Planning a budget is an important step. You should understand how much money should go towards the photographers, caterers, DJs. It is a very stressful period for the families to arrange everything within a limited time.

Use of the budget calculator

  1. You need to end enter your desired wedding budget.After that, you can see the recommendation that it suggests. You can adjust the cause for each item and if you don’t want any item to be included, you can simply enter 0.
  2. After you revise the costs, the total budget will be displayed that will allow you to understand whether you are spending more or less and specific items.
  3. You can also save your budget and revisit it later.
  4. You can also enter a budget and keep on checking the calculator.

Wedding calculators are helpful

When you are starting to plan the wedding budget with the help of the calculator, you have to check the various costs that are included in the wedding. You can see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings, it will be easy to keep your expenditure and check. The most important thing is to remember what you can afford. You need to identify areas where you can save money and plan accordingly. Once you have decided on your budget, you need to pay for it.

Draw a list

You should draw a list of everything that you will need on the day of your wedding. It includes the venue, guest accommodation, wedding dresses, decoration, and other arrangements. It requires vast planning and it should be done prior to the wedding. You need to do a good amount of research before you do your booking. You need to plan a theme and decide on the date to book the venue.

Manage wedding costs

You can cut down on the wedding cost if you prioritize your needs; see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings. You should not spend a lot of money or waste money on things that are not necessary.Marriage is given complete priority in most of the Indian families. You can see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings to have a good idea of the total expenditure and budget.You can follow it and execute your plan.

Wedding costs in different areas

Starting from the venue, food, decorations, it is a whole lot of expenditure. Booking a hotel or banquet itself can cost a lot. One of the most important and big expenditure is buying jewelry. Especially for the families of a bride, buying wedding jewelryinvolves a lot of costs. It includes the wedding jewelry set along with the engagement ring and others. Additional costs can also add up a lot. In this case, it is best to follow the wedding calculator,see the Indian wedding calculator at intellirings, and execute the plan accordingly.