Reviewing common causes of car accidents in California!


Did you know motor vehicle accidents, collisions, and crashes led to 3,606 deaths in California in 2019 alone? The numbers are staggering, especially in cities like Los Angeles, where everyone is behind the wheels. If you ever end up getting injured in a car accident in LA, it should be a top priority to hire an experienced attorney for your case. Experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys can help in ensuring that you get due compensation from the party at fault, for your losses, damages and suffering. Personal injury laws in California allow recovering both economic and noneconomic losses. In this post, we are sharing more on the common causes of car accidents in California.

  1. Negligence. This is easily the foremost and leading cause of auto accidents in LA and elsewhere in the state. In such circumstances, accidents happen when a driver was not careful or was negligent in their action. A simple example would be ignoring the traffic signs, or using the phone while driving. 
  2. Driving Under the Influence. As the name suggests, this refers to all accidents that happened because the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated drivers can be held liable for causing an accident, given that they failed to act responsibly after getting drunk or high. 
  3. Product Liability. Although not as common, product liability could be a reason for car accidents. These accidents happen because the vehicle was faulty. For instance, a new car may have defective steering system. In such cases, the vehicle manufacturer is considered responsible, and if facts are proved, they must pay compensation to victims, regardless of their intention. 

There can be other common causes of car accidents too, such as speeding, road hazards, poor weather conditions, driver fatigue, and under-construction roads. 

Should you hire a car accident lawyer in LA?

You can handle filing the insurance claim on your own, but remember that establishing and proving fault and liability are the hardest tasks. You need a car accident lawyer, so that they can guide on building a claim and evaluate the true extent of your damages. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company, gather evidence, and try for a fair settlement. In case the insurance company doesn’t agree to pay the asked compensation, or your claim is denied, your car accident lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Don’t wait for long to contact an attorney, as the statute of limitations in California only allows two years to file personal injury lawsuits after a car accident.