Reasons You Can Issue an Eviction Notice to Your Tenant


Being in the landlord business is not always a smooth ride to earn good profits. In fact, the task of the landlord is just like an entrepreneur where he needs to be very careful about the paperwork, property management, services provided and a lot more.

There are a lot of hurdles that you have to face throughout your journey as a landlord, and toughest among them is to evict a tenant. You cannot go outside the law and remove a tenant forcibly because of personal reasons. As you might be familiar, you have to initiate legal procedures to evict, hence there is a good chance that if you try to evict your tenant forcibly, or, say, cut off the utilities or change the locks, he might take legal action against you.

Every state has its own set of rules and regulations for renting and leasing, therefore it is always beneficial to get familiar with your state’s laws before offering your property for rent. You need to offer prior notice for your tenant while mentioning the reason for eviction. See Express Evictions for the proper way to handle a Three-Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent in California.

The reasons need to be lawful as per your state’s landlord-tenant law. We are here providing you with some of the common tenant violations when you want to issue an eviction notice to your tenant.

Illegal use of property: You need to issue an eviction notice to your tenant immediately if he is using your property to commit crimes. For example, if you have offered your property for rent for residential use and someone is using for business purposes, you are fully authorized to bring an action against him. Moreover, you can also take action against the tenants being indulged in narcotics, drugs or various other criminal activities that might affect people’s health and the neighborhood’s atmosphere.

Safety violations: Safety violations are another common reason to issue an eviction notice against your tenant. Health and safety are one of the topmost priorities of almost every business. If a tenant is using your property for a cause that might jeopardize people’s healthy and safety, you are free to issue an eviction notice to your tenant.

Get off market: Another common reason to use an eviction notice against your tenant is if you want to take it off the market to refurbish it, for example. If you are not willing to offer your property for lease or rent and are eager to take it off the market, you can ask your tenant to leave your place by issuing an eviction notice to them if they are renting month to month. If they are on a lease, you can’t force them out without cause.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not supposed to evict forcibly. And a paying, lawful tenant need not leave until the lease is expired if he has a valid lease for a year or more.

Owner shifting: If you need your rental property for your own use, you can ask your tenant to leave if he has a lease, but you can’t force him out without cause. You can issue an eviction notice for him as well as long as he is on a month-to-month rental. If he has a year-long lease and is paying and acting lawfully, you can’t force him out.

Breaches the lease agreement: If your tenant breaches the lease agreement or rental agreement, then you can immediately an issue eviction notice against them. Reasons may vary from person to person and include a violation of pet policy, refusing to pay rent, allowing unnamed tenants in your property, or creating a disturbance for the neighbors.

Providing your property on lease or rent is a tough task that needs to be done very carefully and especially with the paperwork and legalities. Just know about the landlord and tenants rules and regulations of your state. Issue an eviction notice against a tenant if you find he doesn’t pay, violates any of your lease or rental agreement terms and conditions, or violates criminal or health and safety laws.