Reasons for your Vape to taste Bad


People may decide to commence vaping for different reasons and undeniably, vaping has a number of benefits. If you have smoked cigarettes, then it is likely one of the things you can consider for swapping. The best thing is that you have a wide range of vape juices to select from and there is something for every palette to experiment with.

No matter you are a new vaping device user or have been using it for years now, sometimes you may find your vape tastes bad. Well, there is a reason behind the odd taste you are getting and some of the reasons for that is given below:

Accidental mixture of two flavors

Sometimes when you switch to a new vape juice flavor, you forget to clean the tank rightly which may lead to the mixing of different flavors which usually doesn’t taste that good. Hence, it is very important to thoroughly clean your vape device when change flavors to avoid the mixed taste.

The coil of the vape needs to be changed

If you get a burnt taste of your vape juice, it is a clear sign that you should change your vape coil. As the coil heats up every time the vape button is pressed, it is likely that if you haven’t changed it in a long time, it could be the reason behind the bad taste. Hence, make sure you change the coil regularly to avoid this problem.

You are adding the wrong quantity of nicotine

If you add nicotine shots to your vape juice and you get a strange flavor or a nauseating sensation in your throat while vaping, then it must be because you are adding too much nicotine. So, make sure you add the right amount of nicotine to your flavor to maintain the taste and balance.

Your device is old now

Well, even your vaping device gets old with time. It loses its functionality with time. So, it starts giving you a bit dull taste. If your vape device is too old, then maybe you should consider buying a new one.

You have bought a new vaping juice from a different brand 

If you have just started vaping a new juice from a new brand, it may be that you aren’t just used to its flavor, strength and quality. It may not give you the same taste like the old juice. Hence, it is important to check the PG/VG ratio to get an idea of how the flavors are varying.

You may be suffering from vaper’s tongue

Well, it is common. Sometimes vapers experience a loss of taste and they may feel bland or bad taste when vaping. Well, it doesn’t last forever and returns back. Just go for an un-flavored vape juice for some time and it will help you ease your vaper’s tongue issue.

Now that you are aware of the reasons why your vape tastes bad, you can fix the thing which makes it taste strange. If you need any help with your vape device, you can speak to us at Republic of Vape. This site offers all the help you need related to vape devices, their maintenance along with vape juices.