Puerto Escondido: The little paradise in the heart of Mexico


The beaches of Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are so absolute in the Mexican tourism that we often forget to discover that Mexico has another coast full of small paradises. Puerto Escondido, a small town of 45,000 inhabitants located in the state of Oaxaca, is one of those places.

Very famous among backpackers, hippies, and surfers, Puerto Escondido has everything you could dream of for the perfect vacation: stunning landscapes, blue sea, warmth environment, good places to stay in Puerto Escondido at low prices and warm water. In recent years, it has gained fame on the international scene for being voted one of the best surf destinations on the planet. But don’t be alarmed if you have never even taken a board. Beside the perfect waves, there are beaches that look more like a swimming pool, perfect for taking a dip and forgetting about life.

What time is best to visit Puerto Escondido –

Contrary to common sense, Puerto Escondido is not a beach to visit in the summer. That’s because the months of May, June, July and August are so hot that they end up scaring everyone. It is also the season with the most rains throughout the year. Even in winter, thermometers can exceed 30C and the minimums always stay above 20C. The “coldest” month is December, with an average temperature of 26C, and the hottest is May, with averages of 29C.

However, tourists all over the world visit Puerto Escondido even in the hottest days, as there is no such rule. The good news is that you can get cool deals on Hotels in Puerto Escondido at affordable prices even at the peak season. It is why you are highly suggested to do the bookings in advance, at least two-three months. There are various hotels and resorts near the beaches, and in the city center. It is best to book any of the beach resorts or hotels to get the best blue water and white sand view.

Getting around and getting around Puerto Escondido –

Puerto Escondido is 250 km from the state capital, Oaxaca de Juarez, but the bus ride takes 10 hours. The advantage is the price: you can find tickets at relatively cheaper rate. Leaving Mexico City, the journey is longer and more tiring. It takes about 17 hours by bus, for more than US$ 30-45. In both cases, the trip ends at Puerto Escondido Central Autobuses Station. From there, you can take a taxi for hotels in the center and for hotels on the beaches. It is also possible to reach Puerto Escondido by plane, landing at Puerto Escondido International Airport.

Flights from Mexico City or Oaxaca cost between US$ 56 and US$ 130, and are operated by various airliners. A taxi from the airport should cost less than US$ 10, but there are also transfer services that can be even cheaper. To get around Porto Escondido, you can walk to the most central beaches, but to visit the more remote ones, taxis are the best option. Many hotels also offer bicycle rentals, another good alternative for transportation in the city. However, it will be better to know the recent fares after Covid-19 pandemic.

About Playa Mazunte near Puerto Escondido

Considered a super quiet and cozy beach, it is ideal if you are looking for some peace during the trip. An important point about Puerto Escondido is that it is one of the most requested destinations by surfers. If you’re wondering what to find at Playa Mazunte, in Puerto Escondido, some options are: cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, lots of nature and a sustainable scheme to admire. There, you have the chance to spend the whole day contemplating the landscape, do some maritime activity, take a sunbath or take lots of souvenir photos.