Points to know when you are looking to buy a sex doll!


When you are spending thousand dollars to buy a love doll or sex doll, you must make a well-informed decision before buying the sex doll rather than simply spending on something which you might regret and bring you disappointment. Hence, before you purchase your sex doll, you should never forget to check the sex doll review to understand better what you should buy and what not to buy. Below mentioned are some essential points to consider apart from common consideration of budget and material.

  • Size of your sex doll

Before you go ahead to buy, it is essential to ask yourself, “Do you have adequate space to fit a complete life-size doll? Or you prefer to get a mini sex doll? Or if you choose to have a torso?

Make a decision and choose the size of the doll accordingly. You should also know that these dolls are usually created with steel skeletons so you may articulate them; also, this makes them a little heavy. Hence, you must choose the doll wisely as per the size and weight that you may handle.

  • Shape and Figure

Since the sex dolls come in various body figures and shapes, you should keep the following things in your mind when searching for a synthetic partner:

  1. What kind of breast you want, or how is the body that you dream of? Such as big tits or small tits.
  2. What should be the ideal and perfect waist of your body?
  3. What must the size of ass? You love to enjoy the big and bubbly size of your hip or average size hip.
  4. You should also know if the doll could have the tranny insert in case you prefer it.

  • Shipping 

Generally, Shipping and handling are free of cost, and usually, FedEx or UPS is used to ship the dolls. However, in few countries, there is also some amount of import tax paid by the customer. In some countries, we also allow you to prepaid the import taxes and such an option that speeds up the delivery process.

There is an option for your doll to be shipped at a Local FedEx store; from there, you may pick it up according to convenience. We understand that Shipping is private and discreet, so the box does not contain any labels or any descriptions related to the parcel.

  • Doll Vendor should be verified and reputed

The sex doll must be of supreme quality and should be perfectly durable. You should always buy a doll from the verified doll vendor, or else you may regret having the counterfeit or any other kind of low-quality product. The vendor must be verified and authorized by Doll Forum