Methods of cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners before the summer


The nature of seasonal use of the air conditioner, which requires it to stop working for a period of months, in addition to its working mechanism that depends on the heat exchange between the evaporative and condensation coils, are good reasons to clean the air conditioner regularly to remove any obstacle that may act as an insulator for those files and affect the performance of the device and reduce its efficiency, By following this guide provided by شركة تنظيف مكيفات بالدمام, you will be able, in simple steps, to do a comprehensive maintenance of the air conditioner in your home at no cost.

Steps to clean the air conditioner

  • Preparing to clean the air conditioner includes:

  • Turn off the electricity supply to the air conditioner from the main control panel.
  • Wear hygiene supplies (face mask and professional glasses) to avoid exposure to dust-laden bacteria while cleaning.
  • Protect the components around the air-conditioner and underneath from walls, floors and furniture from flying dirt while cleaning with a plastic cover or mat.

  • Detergent: prepare a cleaning solution consisting of vinegar + water in a ratio of 1: 1, or use an air conditioner cleaning spray.
  • Cleaning tools: vacuum cleaner, blower (air blower), spray bottle.

Begin by cleaning the indoor unit (evaporator), by lifting the unit cover and unscrewing the front filters to soak them in the cleaning solution.

  • Meanwhile, you must use the cleaning solution through the spray bottle to clean the evaporator coil well by submerging it with detergent and wiping the dirt falling from it, until it is completely cleaned, taking care to dry completely, and you can also spray the inner part with an anti-bacterial substance.
  • Then the filters are thoroughly cleaned with a soft brush, rinsed and dried before installation, and then the unit cover.
  • Then comes the role of the outdoor unit (the condenser), which is always found in the open air, as the unit cover is loosened using appropriate tools, so that its most important internal components are the fan and the condenser coil.
  • Use the blower to expel dust and dirt from all parts of the unit.
  • Use the fin comb (which is a condenser coil cleaning tool and a soft brush so that it doesn’t bend the delicate coil cilia.
  • Use a cleaning solution to wipe the fan and all components dry, then carefully dry and replace the cap.

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Steps to maintain the air conditioner before the summer

  • Cleaning or replacing filters: There are two types of filters for air conditioners, reusable filters as in a split air conditioner, and this type is cleaned and washed with water, and the second type is one-time filters and these are replaced with new ones if they are very dirty, within a month Maximum .
  • Check the electrical connections of the air conditioner to ensure that it is not affected by the heat or parts of it burn.
  • Check the insulation of the cooling pipes connecting between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Clean the drainage pipe from any particles that obstruct its course, such as leaves and straw, by pumping a quantity of detergent dissolving the dirt into it and rinsing it well.
  • Improving the performance of the outdoor unit by removing any natural or environmental influences on its performance such as:
  • Removal of dense trees close to them that obstruct airflow.
  • Clean the area around the unit well.
  • Remove the cover that has been put on during the winter and when the air conditioner has stopped being used.
  • It is also possible to prevent the influence of sunlight on the outdoor unit by shading it with suitable materials.


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