Local Council Easter Event Promotion


    For many, Easter is a time of rest and gathering and a great opportunity for the community to come together. Are you planning a local council Easter event this year? Promotional products are an effective way to spread awareness, encourage participation and help people feel connected. 

    In this post we explore why and how to use promotional products for your Easter event as well as some awesome ideas to get you started.

    5 Reasons to use promotional products at your Easter event

    Spread awareness

    Nowadays, most events are advertised on online platforms, but there’s still something powerful about promoting events with physical objects, especially for local councils. Giving community members something tangible that they can hold in their hands creates connection and improves memorability. It’s a great way to encourage people to come along to your event.

    Connect with the community

    Giving a gift to people who come to your event is a great way to help them feel connected and valued. Make sure you choose a product that is relevant and useful for members of your local community. Cheap, throw-away items won’t create connection like a value adding gift will. 

    Engage people

    Giving people a tangible object that they can feel, wear, smell or taste encourages them to engage more fully with your event or your message. Greater engagement helps people form positive memories associated with your event and local council.

    Boost local tourism

    The past year has been difficult for tourism in Australia, so the importance of promoting and supporting local events is bigger than ever. Promotional products encourage greater attendance and participation from local audiences. Use them at your Easter event to help support the local economy.

    Keep people coming back

    Giving away promotional products helps create positive memories and encourages people to come back again – whether that be events you hold later on in the year or next year’s Easter event. If participants use the gifts in their everyday life, this can help spread awareness and encourage more people to get involved in future events too.

    What types of products work the best for local council events?

    Not all giveaway products are the same. It’s important to choose carefully to experience all the benefits discussed above. Here are 4 key qualities to look for when choosing promotional products for your Easter event.

    Useful and practical

    Products that are useful tend to work better than single-use, impractical items that will just end up in the bin. Try to choose items that are durable and will get repeated use long after the event. Not only will receivers be more satisfied with their gift, they will remember the event every time they use it.

    Aligned with values

    Ensure you choose an item that aligns with your values as a local council and also with the values of your local community. For example, if sustainability and looking after the environment are important to you, choose a low-waste product that encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Meaningful and targeted

    Promotional products should be selected with your specific audience in mind. Although there might be a wide range of people attending your event, it’s important to consider what types of items will be most meaningful to them. For example, if you are hosting a family event, choose items that are kid-friendly.

    Budget friendly

    For large community events, you might not have a huge budget for promotional products. The good news is you don’t have to have expensive items to make a positive impact. In fact, there are lots of low cost options which are still value-adding. 

    Below we look at some great ideas to get you started.

    10 Awesome Easter promotion ideas for 2021

    Customised chocolates

    Always a favourite during Easter, chocolates are a low-cost giveaway that everyone will love. You can customise the wrapper with a special message or acknowledgement to help make the gift more  personal.

    Promotional hats

    Promotional hats are a popular high-use item that can be printed with your logo or a special Easter message. Use these as a mass giveaway or get your event workers to wear them.

    Printed T-shirts

    Custom tees are another good option for event workers to wear to be easily identified by the participants. Alternatively use them as value-adding giveaways that people will wear again and again.

    Tote bags

    Tote bags are a low-cost item that is practical and useful. Print them with your logo, artwork from a local artist or an inspiring message. If you have other items to give away, like calendars or flyers to other local events, use tote bags to keep everything together.


    Notepads, notebooks and journals are versatile giveaway items that can be customised to suit your specific audience. Consider using recycled paper notebooks to reduce their environmental impact.


    If you’re looking for a low cost item that is still highly practical, pens are a good option. They can be customised with your logo or slogan. They’re a great way to remind people of the event every time they are used.


    If you need lanyards for your Easter event, consider printing a custom design. Choose from a range of colours to match your Easter theme. You can even reuse these again next year.

    Drink bottles

    Encourage participants to stay hydrated and reduce waste by giving them a high quality, reusable water bottle. You can choose from glass, BPA free plastic, stainless steel and more.

    Plush toys

    Looking for kid-friendly giveaways? Plush toys might be a good option. With a wide range of animals, colours and styles to choose from, you can customise plush toys to best reflect your local community. 

    USB flash drives

    USBs are a highly useful and practical giveaway that will get repeated use over a long period of time. Customise the USB to best reflect your local council and the Easter event.

    Whether you decide to promote your event with tote bags or customised chocolates, promotional products are a great way to connect with your community this Easter.