Know everything about employment Discrimination Lawyers of Charlotte


Strianese Huckert LLP is a law firm located in Charlotte which is highly expertise in solving employment discrimination and harassment cases. This firm also deals with non-competition, non-solicitation, and trade secret disputes. The lawyers from Charlotte deals with various types of cases such as sexual harassment, gender discrimination, race/national origin discrimination, age discrimination, severance agreements, representation for executives, etc. The lawyers are well equipped and cases are prepared well at every stage. Most of the lawyers have 40 years of employment law experience. Our organization has the ability to handle collective actions, high stakes, and the ability to understand cases robustly. Our ultimate goal is to focus on peers who are experiencing unlawful or fired or people experiencing discrimination of any type and harassment in the working environment. 

Some types of practice that our lawyers handle are as follows: –

  1. Sexual harassment: Our lawyers from Charlotte, NC have deep driven knowledge on sexual harassment claims and ensure to get justice to the client.
  2. Gender Discrimination:  If the client belongs to NC, our experienced lawyers help them to produce fruitful results and protect our rights.
  3. Age Discrimination: According to Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), it protects employees whose age is above 40. Our deep experienced lawyers claim and restore justice to the clients.
  4. Race/National Discrimination: This type of discrimination is prevailing more in NA which is a bitter truth. Most of the state and federal law protects the workers against this injustice. Our lawyers think strategically and protect our rights.

Final Words: –

Most of the cases are dealt with by firm lawyers where we are the pioneer in this case management. We manage the cases and clients one to one to provide a high quality of services. Our successful approach and litigation strategy arose the client’s level in the aspect of cases and their position Our best quality strives for the high chance of winning and restoring the rights of the correct person. Our moves are highly analyzed and strategy-based which eases the cases to a high success rate. Highly focused advocates allocated for the clients and handle all types of cases to claim our rights. So, to get help from employment Discrimination Lawyers of Charlotte you can contact them directly, they will help you, how much they can, and always try to win cases for you.