Is it Possible to Work On your Dream House Without the Help of a Building Architect?


Many people have a dream that one day they will build a place for themselves called home. You can work on the building process on your own and you can hire some professionals. Sometimes it can be cheaper to build your place by yourself but the process is difficult and time-taking. First, you need to plan everything about the house, then only you will be able to look at the numerous locations and try to work out other factors. Let’s assume you get planning permission, then also you’ll need to do the building, supervise everything, or you can pay someone to look after it. Even after the process is complete you will still need to surface the inside of your new home. It surely takes longer than buying a ready-built one. However, you can shorten the process by using a specialist in custom-built homes. You can also approach or talk to some real estate builders nearby you. You can find some of the best building architects near you through a real estate consultant. The first name that comes to my mind while talking about the best real estate agents is Radvi. It is a well-known agency that can help you out with the best architects, builders, engineers, and every professional you need for your project.

How to Design Your House without the Help of a Building Architect?

You can design your house without the help of an architect, but the bigger question is why should you do that. For a well-built house, you need some professional consultation. There are so many things for which you need a building architect. You also need an architect’s signature to get sanctioned by the authorities. Plus, you may not have the necessary assistance for so many services. A lot of people live in houses designed by them only, but then the condition and design between that and a building architect’s designed house are always diverse. The most common misconception is the cost that would be required to hire an architect. If only cost is the deciding factor then there are a lot of affordable options. You can go for a consultancy that can give you the best building architects at reasonable offers. You can avail of some exclusive packages that can be used to build the house.

Things to Consider When You Design Your House Yourself

There are so many reasons an architect can help you out with the design of the house. Your architect does budgeting for you. The associated contractor with the architect will help you out with other options. Building architects can take care of all the legal matters. You may also not have structural information or construction skills. If you still plan to design your house on your own, the most problematic part is to know what layout works best for you today and will be best for you in the future as well. Designing a home is traditionally what the architects would do better than you. They are trained to guarantee all the loads are precise and supporting walls are in the correct places. Architects can also make great proposals as they are aware of the latest trends and know everything about the building materials. There are a few places where you don’t legally need a building architect to design your home.

Designing your house will take a lot of energy and time. Still, if you intend to design your house on your own then you need to be aware of several things.


Flow means the way your house is built. Your house should be flowing in its way. It may look great and you will be comfortable walking through the living room to get from your bedroom. You must contemplate how your house flows to confirm it is comfortable to live in. This will be helpful to upsurge its appeal and value and even make it easier to sell if you ever wish to. You should always keep all the prospects in mind. This will make it easier to sell the house if ever needed.

Future Requirements

You may be single now or may have just got married but things will not be the same always. If you are planning on children in the near future or have an extensive collection of cars or bikes then also you will need extra space. If you’re designing your home you need to study how many bedrooms you need. It will become much easier to comprise them in the original design than to add this all later. In the raw design, you can make all the necessary amendments. If you make these changes afterward, you will need so much time and money as well. During the project, making changes can be heavy on pockets.


One factor that many people don’t give much importance to is insulation. The use of modern resources is very important for a good modern home. You should consider these factors while designing your home. All the great building architects will surely work on that and so should you. The better your home is protected and the more you comprise greenery in your place, the inexpensive it will be to run. A little additional outlay today will be valuable in the future.


Orientation of lights and wind is what makes it important for a healthy house and family. You should not forget to think about the sun and how you want it in your home and garden. If you are a morning person, your house has to face the sun. You should be knowing where it rises and sets on your home and there should not be any obstacles in the way. It can create a big change in the amount of light in your house. These little factors are very comforting and should be looked upon carefully. If you take care of these things then you can think of designing your house without the help of a building architect. Still, choosing the best real estate consultant like Radvi can help you out in your project.