Informative Guide to Purchasing a Mattress


Mattress replacing is tedious. Check out the stores and websites, choosing between springs and foam and choosing the best mattress size and how much to spend can literally make you feel exhausted. It is better to skip the stress and follow the tips given below to pick the right mattress for you.

Where to shop?

Moving from one brick and mortar store to another isn’t the only way to shop anymore. Mattress-in-a-box companies have won the hearts of millions of customers with efficient shipping. Online mattress buying has boomed seriously and anyone can go for it. Stores like Divan Bed Furnishers offer you the best collection of bed mattresses at reliable prices. No matter what type of mattress you need, you will find one suitable for you here!

How to select your perfect mattress?

There are three kinds of bed mattresses: foam, innerspring and adjustable. There is no specific material for anyone, but usually, side sleepers prefer a softer mattress, stomach sleepers require a firm one, while back sleepers can go for either. Apart from the variety of mattresses and their firmness, there are other factors to be considered when you are purchasing one. Take a look at them:

If you need a mattress with bounce

The innerspring mattresses offer a bouncy feel. Linked coils are long-lasting but separately pocketed coils, covered with material that lowers the ripple effect which occurs when your partner moves on the bed.

If you need a firm base

Memory foam have low spring and provide more pressure relief. For high quality, check out the density and thickness of the mattress to know how deep you sink. The newer versions use multiple foam layers with heavier on the bottom for support and cooler ones on the top for coziness.

If you need a swish top

Innerspring mattresses come with fiberfill or foam on their outer layer. So, if you need a plush feel, you can go for a quilted one. However, it may get compressed with time. It is advised to go for a firmer, perfectly quilted mattress and use a mattress topper over it for a lush feel.

Those who sleep on their sides

You need a surface to support your body weight and adapt to your shape. Innersprings may offer higher pressure relief than foam but a foam mattress is recommended for side sleepers.

Those who sleep on their stomach

No stomach sleeper wants a covering memory foam. Rather a firmer bed offers better support to them. Choose a firm foam, innerspring mattress, if you are a stomach sleeper.

Those who sleep on their back

You need something in the middle to get a healthy alignment for your back. You can be comfortable with any kind of mattress depending on your preference.

Those whose partners toss around all night

Choose an innerspring mattress with pocket coils or memory foam. Medium-firm mattresses offer movement isolation. So, even if your partner is a restless sleeper, you will not be disturbed.

Find out which mattress is suitable for you and then place your order for the same.