Industrial metallic epoxy floor: trend among the architects


For a company that cannot have the floor with irregular grout, the epoxy floor is one of the best choices. The epoxy floor does not hinder the mobility of people and heavy machinery. The epoxy floor of any type comprises a coating with a thermosetting plastic-based dye that becomes hardened when mixed with appropriate chemical agents, such as epoxy resin. When applied, the epoxy floor forms a shiny, firm layer that lasts longer than ordinary floors. Not just any epoxy floor, but metallic epoxy flooring is the first choice for design, durability, artistic touch, aesthetics, and longevity. Metallic epoxy flooring is a bit expensive.

How does metallic epoxy flooring for industries work?

The industrial metallic epoxy floor comprises a single layer, being applied directly to masonry floors, concrete, wood, and others. The application of epoxy flooring in industries provides the environment with the best finish, with complete waterproofing of the surface, preventing the infiltration of chemical products into the soil. One of the positive points of applying metallic epoxy flooring is the installation time, which can be done in a short period, even in larger areas, also optimizing possible repairs located when necessary.

Advantages of epoxy flooring for industries

The metallic epoxy floor creates a layer on the original floor. It is installed with a thickness ranging from 180 to 300 microns. The situation depends according to the number of applications necessary and the density of the material. The specification of the thickness of the epoxy floor layer must be made according to the location where the floor will be installed, also considering the activities it will support.

Among the advantages presented by metallic epoxy flooring, we can highlight –

  • Finishing in different colours,
  • High resistance to abrasion and chemicals,
  • Excellent mechanical performance,
  • Elegant appearance, with glossy glazing,
  • Reinforcement in surface rigidity,
  • Higher density layer in the monolithic system,
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning,
  • Finishing quality, and aseptic coating,
  • Practicality in application in minimum time,
  • Resistance to temperature variations,

To evaluate the project, get in touch with the top epoxy flooring company near you and ask for an online quote and expert’s help. Epoxy flooring is expensive, but with today’s investment, the project’s interior will look spectacular.

Another affordable option

Besides metallic epoxy flooring, another type of epoxy flooring is quartz epoxy flooring. It is much more affordable than metallic epoxy. However, the result and quality achieved are somewhat the same as the metallic ones. The only difference is in the texture. This type of epoxy flooring is also seen in residential projects. The epoxy floor has high fluidity and perfect accommodation within the required levelling, providing an excellent finish, glossy appearance similar to glass, and ensuring total protection and versatility.