Important Evidence to Create a Solid Truck Accident Case in Albuquerque


When experts investigate a truck accident case, they collect and analyze evidence. No matter what types of vehicles are involved in an accident, high-quality evidence can make a difference in the outcome of the case. 

Players in the trucking industry must adhere to certain laws and regulations to reduce the risk of truck accidents. Some of these regulations offer opportunities for more kinds of evidence that accident victims can use when filing a lawsuit. If you are one of these victims, you may want to let a truck accident attorney Albuquerque help you navigate the justice system.  

When it comes to accidents that involve big trucks, you need evidence such as truck inspection reports, high-tech devices, and black box information. Your lawyer will gather and analyze this evidence to create a strong injury case on your behalf. 

Truck Inspection Reports

A certified truck inspector will inspect the vehicle after an accident that involves a tractor-trailer. The inspector will create a report that contains significant information on the condition of both the truck and trailer. 

Black Box Information

A lot of trucks are equipped with black boxes that offer information on accidents. These boxes can offer clues on how the speed at which the truck was running, when the truck driver applied the brakes, and how long they had been behind the wheel without a rest period. 

High Technology Devices

A lot of high technology devices can offer information that can useful in determining the cause of a truck accident. One of them is an inclinometer, which is used for measuring the slope at which a truck is traveling. Also, GPS devices and computers can offer information that could be used when reconstructing an accident. 

Other Evidence

A truck accident case may require a variety of other evidence. This evidence may include the logbooks, phone records, qualifications of the driver, weigh station and loading dock reports, dispatch instructions, traffic camera footage, witness reports, accident scene photos and videos, as well as expert witness testimony. A reliable attorney who extensive experience in investigating truck accident scenes is the perfect person victims should turn to. 

After a truck accident, victims should act quickly to get evidence. But, because of a lack of knowledge and experience in this evidence collection, they may not know who to contact and what documents to request. Thankfully, their attorney can take handle all of these for them, given their solid connections in the industry.