Hunter X Hunter, The King Of Shonen Jump’s Famous Mantle


    Hunter X Hunter is a manga that follows the adventures of two young boys as they go on missions throughout the world. The story begins with them simply looking for a treasure in a city. After finding some success, other people join their party and keep joining after finding success. As the story progresses, there are many different kinds of hunters that use different types of abilities to help find treasures and complete missions for others. Shonen Jump is the most famous manga magazine in Japan. The magazine is filled with many exciting stories about a variety of characters including One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z. Shonen Jump has also produced some of its own popular series such as Hunter X Hunter and Bleach.

    What is it about the story that draws people in?

    It’s the relatable characters and the exciting adventure that make Hunter X Hunter so fascinating. One moment, Gon is in his first day of school when he comes across Killua, a friend who quickly becomes his only hope to find his father. The story just keeps on going with new twists and turns that keep readers captivated. The ฮันเตอร์  × ฮันเตอร์ art style is one of its biggest selling points. One of the things that makes it so appealing is that it has equal parts darkness as light. This allows viewers to be able to see what they want to and ignore what they don’t want to. The dark colors also lend itself well in creating a more suspenseful atmosphere, which is perfect for an action-packed story like this one. The art style of Hunter X Hunter is one of my favorite in the world. The way it was made is by drawing over a manga image (see here) with a computer program that deletes everything but the lineart. What this does is make all the important parts from the original art still visible, but not distracting.

    How does Togashi fit into this style?

    One fascinating aspect of Hunter X Hunter is that it’s unlike any other shonen manga out there. It has a unique style, one that takes elements from western comics and mixing them with traditional Japanese aesthetics. One major part of this style includes the fact that the series features a large cast of characters. To make sense of this, the author, Yoshihiro Togashi, tries his best to give each character a different role in the narrative and backstory for them to make it more accessible for readers. Togashi does this by giving each character a specific episode where they are spotlighted which gives readers more insight into their backstories. While this could be seen as cheesy or forced, it’s actually not as bad as you’d think because he builds on these character moments throughout the entire story arc before moving onto another character and leaning into more interesting aspects in their development further down the line. The final chapter of Hunter X Hunter is a high speed action-packed battle royale with Gon and his friends fighting to protect their loved ones. It’s an exhilarating, emotional roller coaster that’ll leave you breathless. The manga has been running for 20 years and has been adapted into an anime series and 3 OVA’s.