How to use a fishing net step by step?


According to experts, fishing is like an art; it requires expertise and knowledge to do it properly. So, if you plan to do some fishing, you will have to use tools like a net, some bait, weights, etc. However, having the necessary tools is unnecessary; you must follow the steps to trap fish successfully.

If you have a fish preference like mullets, then you must purchase the made explicitly for that fish, for example, mullet fishing nets.

After getting the tools and information, you must practice on land to do it well in water.

Fishing nets are essential for any fisherman, but if you’ve never used one before, they can be quite confusing. But if you learn the process and ace it in water, you will be able to catch a big bunch of fish in every attempt easily.

The following points list all the steps you need to follow to catch fish in water using a net:

Clear the cast net

If you’re using a clear cast net, you first need to find some bait. Live bait is always best, but if you can’t find any, frozen bait will work too. Once you’ve got your bait, tie it to the lead line of your net. Then, throw your net over the side of the boat and ensure that all weights are hanging down evenly.

Next, pull on the handline until the net is fully open. Then, holding onto the handline with one hand, use your other hand to scoop up as much fish as possible. Finally, close your net by pulling on the drawstring and release your catch!

Load the rope and cast net

Assuming you have gathered your supplies, baited your hook, and found a good spot to fish, it’s time to load the rope and cast the net. To do this:

  1. Start by untangling the rope and laying it out in a straight line.
  1. Next, gather up the net in your hands, ensuring all the holes are closed.
  1. Now, holding the net in one hand and the rope in the other, swing the net around in a circle.
  1. As you swing the net, release the rope, which starts to uncoil and fall into the water.
  1. Keep swinging the net until all of the rope is in the water and then give it a final toss to ensure that the entire net is deployed.
  1. Now it’s time to wait! The weight of the net will keep it down in the water while any fish that happens to swim into it will be trapped inside. Give it some time, and then start hauling in your catch!

Throw the cast net

Assuming you have already baited your net, hold the net in one hand with the bait bag attached and swing the net in a wide circle overhead. As you do this, release the line from the other hand so that the net opens up. Continue swinging the net until it is fully extended, then release the bait bag. The net will sink and hopefully encircle any fish that are swimming nearby.

These points explain how you can use mullet fishing nets for mullets and other fish. You can search for sellers online who supply such nets and purchase the best one to help you bait fish. But keep practicing and gaining expertise, and you will succeed