How to Put On a Wig


The same is true of wigs; there are several wig kinds, textures, and colors. You can find them on display if you make a fast trip to the beauty supply store. It’s time to debut your new look now that you’ve found the ideal wig and measured your head. It only requires a few easy steps:

  • Sort your hair.

You want to keep the lock as flat as you can. The last thing you need when wearing the wig is an odd bulge. So:

  • If you have short hair

The hair ought to be pulled back and fastened out of the face. It is a good idea to use gel, mousse, or hairspray to keep your hair pulled back and free of flyaways.

  • Those that have long hair

“You should braid your hair in cornrows before putting on your wig. “Although it’s traditional to back, you can alter your braids’ direction and part depending on whether or not you plan to part your wig unit. To create a flat surface, wrap the ends jointly. If braiding isn’t your thing, try wrapping your hair around your head and pinning it in place.

  • Put the wig hat on.

Start at the back and move forward to put the cap on your hairline properly. When purchasing a wig cap, try to pick one that as closely matches the color of your scalp as you can. If the wig cap doesn’t match the color of your scalp, lightly pat foundation powder onto the top to achieve a better match.

  • Using your favorite product, be secure.

It is possible to keep your wig from flying off in ways. Use:

  • Brad pins

The cheapest method for putting your wig down is this one. Place the bobby pins in the space between your hair and the wig. How many you add to make it secure and comfy is entirely up to you. Finding bobby pins similar to the color is a terrific idea to make them easier to conceal.

  • Wig/Snap Clips

Simple stitching abilities are required to create the appearance of these clips. Along with the wig, you should sew in four to six clips, if not more. Compared to pins, this option is more durable and stable.

  • Affix the wig on your head.

The black lace front wig should get worn with two hands. Start at the bottom and pull your wig up onto your head. For the hairline to lay on top of the gel and connect and mold along your hairline, slowly press down on the hairline. Once the wig is on your head, move it around until the entire wig cap is covered.

  • Adjust as necessary

Make sure your black lace front wig is snugly fitting over your top head. How can I make sure it won’t come off by testing it? Like you’re at a rock concert, shake your head. You will need to add more pins, glue, or clips if there is any tilting (or if it falls off).