How to Ensure your Tile and Grout Remains Perfect  Long After Cleaning


When tile and grouts are maintained well, they serve you better and longer. Experts advise homeowners to invest in regular professional maintenance to save on replacement costs.

While most tiles, especially those made r porcelain and ceramic, are incredibly durable, they tend to last longer with appropriate care. Unfortunately, since these are natural stones, they tend to absorb moisture and stain easily. The good news is that you can do a few things to keep the marble floors clean.

Never ignore regular professional cleaning. Make a habit of budgeting for regular professional marble cleaning. This is where experts from BizFloor Solutions come in with their truck-mounted unit and thoroughly clean the marble surfaces. Professionals can only offer the high pressure and high heat needed to get the job done. Usually, the grout and tile may be more stained than it shows, so you need the right tools to get them back to their original color.

Make sure professional cleaning is done regularly. It should bne atleast every twelve to eighteen months. If the grout is unsealed, the cleaning may happen sooner than the sealed one. The other reason professional cleaning is highly recommended is that it involves experts who look at the floor with a professional eye that you lack. They may come up with better suggestions for keeping things clean and sparkling.

These experts also use safe cleaning solvents and are likely to cause less harm. They know how to pick what works well and will likely use less acidic products on the surface. Never ignore the need to hire professionals every time you need to. Set reminders if you have to.

Besides the extra intervention, you should always wipe out spills immediately. Leaving colored spills n the tiles and grouts contributes to the permanent ugly staining you are trying to avoid. Use a damp cloth r towel to get rid of stains quickly.

If you d some cleaning yourself, invest in appropriate cleaners. Ask the experts if you must, and make sure to buy products that will not damage the marble surface. Biz Floor will help recommend the best products to clean your marble floors with when they next visit. You can also call for further confirmation. You will love that the recommended cleaners are odorless and will not be substantial. They are also safe for pets and humans if this concerns you. Using these products leaves your house smelling fresh, your tiles and grouts sparkling from the polishing, and the marble surfaces serving you longer without needing to be replaced.

Even as you try to maintain the surfaces yourself, involve professional floor cleaners and installers. Their tools are way more powerful and yield better results than you ever will. Be sure to talk to the right experts too. Call us at Biz Floors today to schedule your next professional tile cleaning session.