How to acquire a PR Visa in Australia by attending a PR Course?


Australia is the chosen country to pursue higher studies and to establish a career for people around the world. This is the land of possibilities offering incredible ambience to students in different colleges and universities. Sooner or later, the present-day students are willingly staying back in Australia by grabbing the jobs of their dream but for that, they need to upgrade their student visa to a PR visa after attending certificate iii in engineering – fabrication trade melbourne or similar courses.

Now, let’s have a detailed discussion on how to acquire a PR visa by attending a PR Course:

  • For becoming a permanent resident in Australia, you need a job and thus even when you are still a student or a career aspirant who migrated to the country to settle down should attend a course such as Study PR Pathway courses to get a certificate. 
  • Find a reliable and reputed institute offering various PR courses. You can enrol in courses based on accountancy, engineering, masonry etc. and start working in Australia. After three years of staying in the country, you will be eligible to apply for the PR Visa by showing your recruitment papers and salary documents. 
  • If you are thrilled with the Australian lifestyle and dream to stay back in the country, attending any of the career-oriented courses will help you in getting a job. Even if you are a student, a part-time job as a bricklayer or a bookkeeper will help you to pay your bills. 
  • This training will help you in getting a job in Australia. Sometimes, the institutes ensure placements based on which you can kickstart your career in Australia. You will need this job to acquire a Permanent Resident visa or status in Australia.

Unless you are a PhD student or a research scholar with a scholarship or live on a dependent visa along with your family, you need to prove your eligibility to acquire the position as a PR to the immigration officer. A full-time job after pursuing a PR course will pave the path of staying back in Australia.