How the Garden Room Should Be Used and Decorated


You may already have many advantages in your head when you choose a garden room. However, there are often more advantages that many people overlook. On the rest of this garden room page you can also see the disadvantages, but first we show all 33 advantages that this new fine space can offer.

Create added value

  • More space due to the extra room
  • Add extra m2 so that one does not have to move due to lack of space
  • Occasionally, a permit is sometimes necessary, especially when placed on the street side
  • Enjoy the sun in all seasons
  • The garden is getting smaller
  • Enrich the appearance of the house / facade
  • Helps against the autumn and winter dip for some people.
  • The placement always gives some clutter and unrest in everyday life
  • Less well insulated than a conservatory
  • Cheaper than a conservatory
  • Letting in a lot of daylight
  • Really separate space for reading a book, tablet while the TV is on at home, visiting visitors etc
  • Especially in autumn and early spring you have the greatest advantages compared to no garden room


  • Built faster than a conservatory
  • Less construction nuisance than a conservatory
  • The huge kitchen table often does not fit in a combination garden room but in the conservatory + living room (or kitchen)


Do you want to know exactly what Greenhouse offers are available and save up to 40% on costs? Receive free and non-binding prices from reliable Greenhouse specialists in your region.

Find the best deal

You will receive the prices within 2 days so that you can easily and quickly find the best deal. This makes the choice even easier. In no time you have found the Greenhouse specialist who can execute your project economically. You can request quotations from us without any obligation. So you are not committed to anything.A conservatory can be recognized as an extra space that is built on the house. The house usually needs a breakthrough of the facade so that the conservatory really becomes part of the house. This means that a greenhouse must be completely insulated. A garden room is an enclosed space, but from an architectural point of view it is not part of the house.


Furthermore, a garden room is not insulated. With cold winters, the garden room especially protects against wind, which means that you can enjoy the garden room comfortably even in cold temperatures. A conservatory is an extension of the house and must therefore meet the highest insulation requirements.

With both products, you don’t have to worry about the room getting sweltering on hot summer days. Both the conservatory and the garden room can provide different ventilation options.


Placing a garden room takes relatively short compared to a conservatory. ‘During the construction of a conservatory, the rear facade is usually partially or completely removed, so that the conservatory is involved in the house. Architectural adjustments are therefore necessary. This is not the case for a garden room because it functions as a closed outdoor residence. Partly for this reason, installing a garden room is much cheaper from a price point of view.