How the Film on demand reviews Really Work Out Now


    We all know this man, it is Anton Ego, from the movie Ratatouille, who was dedicated to criticizing food. The question is, who gave this man permission to say that something is good or bad? There is one thing that is interesting about criticism: why should I read and respect what this man says or what Christian says? The on demand reviews open all of it.

    An Objective Lookout

    Well, objectively, one can say, according to certain standards, certain categories, if a movie is well done, or a movie is poorly done. But beware, that does not mean, that a well-made film I will always like or a poorly made film I will never like. Let’s separate things. There are those who have studied cinema, who have seen a lot of cinema and then we can have a place from which to speak, but is that incompatible with the idea that, who has seen little cinema, or is not a university student or is not a teacher, can speak of a movie? Who can talk about a movie? Anyone, all of us can have a critical voice. The only difference is that those of us who dedicate ourselves to film criticism will make all the experience we have available to this work. However we all have something to say.

    The Understanding In Its Depth

    We don’t know anything about video games, so if a video game movie comes out, someone who knows about video games could write a more interesting review about it. You can zoom in from another side, but all sides are valid.

    • You always have to take into account the context in which the film is made and the context in which the film is viewed. There we appear as mediators. The same movie can mean different things, to different people. We can all see and understand the same movie, but it will mean different things and may even mean different things to the same person at different times.

    What does Ariel have to do to be with Eric? Well, you have to lose your identity, your world, your family and –this is the “most beautiful” thing – your voice. Discovering this fascinated me because when I first saw it I didn’t have the experience to have a critical look. We are co-authors. The film tells you one thing, but we make sense of it.

    History is speech. The facts are the facts, but what we put together regarding those facts is subjective. This place was bombed, why, how and why, it depends on who asks. You give a value to the facts according to where you are and your own experience, and in that sense, cinema is very powerful because it can be part of our historical construction.

    Last Words

    Cinema feeds our imagery and that is why I am running a women’s film festival. Part of our speech has to do with women making less than 10% of the movies and being half the population. It is not that we make better or worse films, it is that it is unbalanced.