How Does EMDR Treatment Works for Anxiety?


     With the help of EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) treatment, many psychotherapists are helping their clients overcome anxiety. While outpatient treatment is more effective for some patients, people struggling with worse cases of anxiety may benefit from EMDR within a broad spectrum of care.

    How does EMDR treatment work for anxiety?

    EMDR treatment was developed by accident in 1987, when Francine Shapiro, a psychologist in California, was walking through a forest with some disturbing thoughts in mind. That’s when she discovered that her anxiety goes away with her eye movements back and forth while witnessing the beauty of her surroundings.

    Even today, many psychologists follow the same technique to help patients relieve anxiety. EMDR treatment works when one’s eye movements are directed to certain objects while imagining distressing scenarios. Meanwhile, the person’s attention is shifted towards positive thoughts so that anxiety is dissipated.

    While Chicago EMDR for anxiety is becoming popular in the mental health community, it has still not given the level of effectiveness that’s shared by other modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). therefore, this treatment remains a mystery to many.

    How to psychotherapists use EMDR treatment for curing anxiety?

    EMDR specialized therapists often ask their clients about sharing some past memories that trigger anxiety. For instance, some painful memories of an accident or frightening incident that a patient cannot forget. While doing so, the client is asked to track the therapist’s back-and-forth eye movements’ eyes. It’s somewhat similar to a scene from an old Hollywood movie, where a hypnotist’s swinging pocket watch makes a person do whatever the hypnotist desires.

    During the EMDR process, the psychotherapist asks their client to observe some images, emotions, and sensations they are experiences and slowly try to shift their attention away from any negative thoughts towards happy and positive ones.

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