Here’s why your business may need an immigration lawyer


Many companies have a hard time finding the right talent in the US. At some point, many multinational corporations and local businesses consider the idea of hiring foreign workers for these jobs. However, understanding laws and navigating through the important laws can be overwhelming. Employers are required to complete the formalities for getting visas for foreign workers they have hired, and the whole immigration process is complicated. That’s exactly where a skilled Dallas immigration lawyer can help. Getting work-related visas has become even more complicated in recent times, because of added scrutiny. In this post, we are sharing more on why your business may need an immigration lawyer. 

  1. Before applying for work visas. There are different types of work visas classified by The U.S. Department of State.  If you want to get nonimmigrant H visas for your employees, you have to consider all your options. Foreign workers usually fall in specific categories, and that determines the work and process that must be followed to get the visa. Hiring an attorney is important for applying for work visas, especially if you don’t understand the complicated laws. For many businesses, it is also about saving time. 
  2. Intra-Company Transfers. Another big reason why you need an attorney is for intracompany transfers. For instance, if you have an employee who is working in another country but needs to be transferred for a critical position in the US, you must complete the necessary paperwork and formalities, for which an immigration attorney can be highly useful. 
  3. Business Visitors. You may need people to come to the US to attend special business events and meetings, or even to get trained for a specific skill set. For that, you will need help with a B-1 visa, and an experienced immigration lawyer can ease everything for your business. They can also ensure that all necessary documentation is done on time, so that your events can go ahead with decided schedules. 

If you are hiring foreign workers, you will have to consider family immigration at some point. Hiring an immigration lawyer or business immigration law firm is also critical for these things. Also, immigration laws are changing every now and then, and it makes sense to hire a lawyer who is experienced and known, so that you don’t end up with major issues. Mistakes in completing immigration formalities can cost huge, and can have serious outcomes. Consult an attorney immediately for your business immigration concerns.