Guide To Make Your Home Inhospitable To Roaches


Prevention is better than cure. Cockroaches or simply ‘roaches’ are one of the most nuisance bugs out there in the pest world. In fact, there are more than 4,000 species of roaches in the world of which half a dozen of them infest homes in the US. The most common type is the American cockroach. Then there are German cockroach and Oriental cockroach varieties.

Roaches prefer to live in an area where it is generally warm and moist. Add to that environment a couple of food sources and their population would flourish like a colony of bees. If neglected, these uninvited guests will make any home a living hell by invading everything from food to clothes and furniture. Infestation of this kind will start with no visible symptoms and end up finding them inside refrigerators, on kitchen countertops, under the beds and everywhere else. Not only that, roaches carry various diseases unlike ants or spiders, which can aggravate existing allergies and cause serious health problems especially in children and older adults.

  1. Cleaning the Outdoors

Only preventive measures can actually cure the havoc that roaches have the potential to create. This means making sure that they never exist in the first place. Effective preventive measures begin with cleaning the surrounding areas outdoors as much as paying attention to cleaning the indoors. Make sure to seal every crack outside the house as roaches are notorious to make their way through any and all cracks caused by house foundation settling, faulty sewer lines or vents, roof shingles and chimneys. Gaps around doors and windows are another popular entryways among roaches. Screen all open areas that lead directly into the house. Remove open garbage areas from around the house on a regular basis or store trash in a tight lid container. Trim shrubs and trees every year in order to increase visibility.

  1. Cleaning the Indoors

Roaches hate properly ventilated and lighted areas, such as basements and crawl spaces. They are likely to make non-insulated pipes and vents their home. So, if you come across things that look compromising in terms of safety and like hiding spaces for insects and bugs, make sure to protect them. Insulating pipes will also prevent condensation making it an unlikely place for roaches to hide. Above all, keep the general areas of the indoors clean. Vacuum and remove trash on a regular basis. Keep food in airtight containers and in shelves that are adequately lighted.

  1. Inspecting Professionally

Even with a new home, it is extremely important that a home inspection be done in order to eliminate the likelihood of a roach infestation. A good pest inspection can save a homeowner thousands of dollars. It can prevent a financial disaster in the future. When it comes to roaches, everything is unknown until the real infestation becomes obvious. Even with a report that says “All is fine”, you can still use the time to get a report from multiple inspectors. Any indication that the roaches were once living in the property should be taken seriously, as these are one of the bugs that are hard to detect and impossible to eliminate completely with low-grade pesticides. You can order a professional report from pest control Tewksbury company or find a reliable pest control online.

In essence, roaches find it uneasy to live or thrive in a place that is bright, clean and inhospitable for other pests in general. Incorporating prevention mechanisms to a spring cleaning routine is a way to start the battle against existing or potential roaches. For more information on keeping roaches away, call one of the technicians at pest control Tewksbury.