Get Trustworthy and Licensed Loans in Singapore


Out of all the financial institutions in Singapore, the GS Credit Legal Moneylender has gained trust and confidence as a licensed moneylender (License No. 109/2020) situated in the City of Singapore. Their service is of the best high quality. They work on with utmost transparency and display professionalism in every part of the work. An important thing to be noted is that they have been acclaimed the license by the MinLaw. Many residents and foreigners in the City of Singapore, find them trustworthy and noble at providing loan services without an intricate process and within a short period. As they are the licensed money lender Jurong Singapore, they provide the loan in just 24 hours and do not have unnecessary formalities too. All the customers are happy and satisfied by getting their help on time.

The GS Credit provides the following kinds of loans:

  1. Personal Loan- When one takes a certain amount of money and repays it in the form of monthly instalments in addition to the interest within a stipulated period, that is what we call personal loans. One may utilise this amount in buying the general items or maybe little luxury products and services.
  1. Foreigner Loan – Many financial institutions, banks and money lenders refuse to grant loans to the foreigners because they do not trust their repayment policies. But we at GS Credit provide Foreigner loans with very easy procedures and less interest against them.
  1. Medical Loan – Once we have any medical issues, this will eventually lead to the cutting off on expenses at other domains. So, the medical loan is essential to cope up with other expenditures.
  1. Debt Consolidation Loan – GS Credit has the perfect experience and trust of many people, by which they tailor the repayment routine. Moreover, the instalments are merged into one. They are designed in a way to compromise with financial needs. This way, a lot of time is saved, and you stay away from mental pressures.
  1. Home Renovation Loan – Everyone has a dream to live in a new and modern home with all required furniture. It may so happen that there might be some on-spot decision which may require some money. At GS CREDIT, we will help you have a home sweet home with every comfort, and we provide you home renovation loans at affordable interests.
  1. Business Loan- The GS Credit Moneylenders offer the most affordable business loan to all kinds of business companies, no matter big or small to help them expand their business. It also helps to combat the, out nowhere crises that arise out of the losses. We offer personalised loans you may need to prosper in the business.
  1. Wedding Loan – A wedding with a lot of celebration brings along many expenses to deal with the cost of parties, venues and food. Also, when many people are invited, it is difficult to bear all the costs single-handed. Thus, we provide you with a helping hand to bear a part of the wedding expenses by granting you the loan at less interest.