Get Rid Of Unwanted Tattoo with Laser Technology


Almost 30% of people in Canada have one tattoo at least. There is one almost in half of all millennia. However, they are not all glad about their tattoo. Up to 25% of people with a tattoo claim that they are regret getting it. There’s good news if you’re in the 25%. Tattoo Removal Toronto Technique can greatly reduce the visibility of your unnecessary tattoo with minimal side effects.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Tattoos are removed by breaking up the pigment colors by passing a high-intensity light beam. Black tattoo ink consumes all laser wavelengths and makes treatment easier. Other colors can be treated with selected lasers, and it depends on the pigment color.

Initially, you can meet with a certified practitioner who will assess and educate you on your tattoo. The amount of treatments you require depends on your tattoo’s age, size, and color. Your skin color and how profound the tattoo pigment is, also impact on tattoo removal method.

The following, you can expect during a tattoo removal session:

  • A pair of eye shields will be given to you.
  • The technician tests the laser how it responds to your skin to decide the most efficient treatment energy.
  • The technician uses the laser to transfer intense light beams through the skin’s top layers that are only absorbed by the tattoo pigment.

Smaller tattoos need fewer pulses whereas larger ones require much more for removing them. In some cases, multiple therapies are required to finally get rid of a tattoo. You gradually lighten your tattoo after each visit.


The removal of laser tattoos is inconvenient, but anesthesia is not needed in most patients. There may need to use the topical anesthesia cream in advance, it depends on the size of your tattoo.

Use an ice pack to soothe the treated region immediately after treatment. To cover it, use antibiotic cream or ointment and a bandage. Also, make sure that when you’re outside it is coated with sunblock.

Side Effects

Few side effects exist. In your decision, you can take into account these factors:

  • There may a possibility of infection. And there’s a little risk of a permanent scar.
  • Your tattoo would therefore not be removed entirely.
  • You can eventually develop hypopigmentation, meaning that the treated skin is lighter than the rest of the body.