Follow Leasing Strategy to get the Best Deal for the Car of Your Choice


Leasing a car is becoming popular among Americans. Since Americans mostly rely on plastic money, similarly, leasing is also another method of financing a product for them. Almost one out of three cars is leased by a dealer. Leasing a car is also helpful for some people depending upon their requirement and lifestyle.

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If you feel leasing is appropriate for you, then you should also know the right method of dealing. If you know the car model to lease then follow some lease strategy mentioned below –

Choose a car with lower value

When you lease a vehicle you generally pay for its depreciation value, taxes, and fees. Hence it is wise to hold a car that depreciates less, this way your lease amount will be less. Many car websites upload the annual list of good cars lease. You can search for a car with the best residue value. Residue value is the amount left of the good resale value even after the lease term is over.

Check Leasing Specials

When any dealer is unable to sell the car, they put it on a special lease offer. These offers include low monthly payments or low-interest rates. However, before leasing that car, ensure that it doesn’t set a parameter on miles or doesn’t require a large sum of down payment.

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Value the Care

Before leasing, find the reasonable market value and invoice price of that particular car. This can be done through various pricing websites. The invoice price is generally the price dealer has paid for the car. Your lease amount should be lower or match with dealer’s price.

Get Quotes from the Dealer

Now that you know the approx. lease amount for the particular, you can contact various dealers and get the best deals. Contact all dealers and ask for their best selling price, but don’t tell them your idea of leasing it.

Identify the best deal

You may get different quotes for the same car from different dealers, but you should not judge a book by its cover. For example, one dealer might be selling the car for $33,000 while the other must be selling it for $34,000, but it could be possible that $34,000 is a better deal because the car has upgraded features like auto-gear, etc.

The best way to spot a good deal is to check the difference between the dealer’s price and invoice price. For example, a dealer might sell a car for $33,000 but the invoice price is $32,000, whereas another car is being sold for $34,000 and the invoice price is $33,500. So, which one do you think is a good deal?

Close the Deal

Choose the car of your choice and set monthly payment. You should also talk to the salesperson about the number of months you want to set the payment for. Read carefully all documents before signing them.

Sign the deal, pay through check, get the keys and ensure you have insurance on the car. Remember that you don’t own this car. Maintain it well and take good care to avoid penalties.