Finer Solutions for the Mexican Jewelry in Large Quantity


No jewelry suits every woman and emphasizes her beauty as naturally as a necklace. It will be appreciated by ladies who work with their hands and a ring or bracelet is not suitable for them, but also by a refined lover of attention and a combination of several pieces of jewelry. Read on and you will gradually get acquainted with all the possibilities that this beautiful ornament offers you in its shapes and forms. We will advise you on how to choose the right metal, pendant and style, the length of the necklace and the type of chain. And if you are not sure about choosing a necklace for someone else, do not worry.

The right metal for you

If you do not know how to start choosing the right necklace that would best underline your beauty, we recommend focusing first on choosing the metal that will suit you.

Mexican Silver pendants and necklaces

This popular metal has a beautiful gray and vibrant color, which combines very well with dark and light shades of clothing and even with various jewelry made of white gold or platinum. Perhaps each of us has a silver ornament at home. Silver jewelry is not only affordable, but can also pleasantly surprise with an imaginative and sophisticated design. It’s up to you which style you choose. Mexican silver will delight the hearts of tender fairies and extravagant ladies. A nice bonus is that silver is great as a small gift for any festive occasion, especially for those who like to change or combine Mexican jewelry.

You don’t even have to look at your skin type, as is the case with other metals, because the cool shades suit every woman who decides to decorate them. The following overview will help you find your way around the rich selection of different necklaces and pendants and choose the right champion that suits your personality and style perfectly.

Pendants and Necklaces in the Style of Solitaire

In the category of single gemstone necklaces, you can choose from several different options. If you want to give this gem to another person, or you can’t decide which gemstone is suitable, for example, the month of birth or the signs of the zodiac or skin tone can help you choose. But the easiest is to follow the favorite color of the recipient.

Solitaire on the Ear

A beautiful and elegant classic, this is a solitaire necklace, which features a gemstone hanging on the ear of a gentle chain. It is a great choice for gentle, romantic souls, but also strong businessmen who want to complement their austere style with a feminine element and show that even an elegant lady can succeed in the tough world of men.

Although the tab may seem like an inconspicuous part of the pendant, it can pleasantly surprise with several designs. In addition to the smooth standard ear , you can also choose a forked rabbit ear or a sophisticated decorative ear, which will be the absolute pinnacle of the perfect elegance of the entire necklace.

Solid solitaire

The gemstone connected directly to the chain will attract minimalists and all ladies who are looking for an inconspicuous but unique decoration of the neckline. In this case, it is definitely true that less is sometimes more, and if you choose the right gemstone, you will shine as the first bright star in the sky.

Pendants and necklaces with side stones

If one gem is not enough for you and you like to shine a little more, don’t miss the necklaces decorated with side stones. One more pronounced gemstone complements several smaller ones, which form a perfect harmony with the central stone. Thanks to a wide range of combinations, you will certainly come across a model with which you will shine not only at work, but also at social events.