Financial Balances and TaxesFor the Gas Companies


For the companies the tax is a very important part of business. This tax is added to natural gas, oil and its derivatives. The rates are R $ 100 per cubic meter of natural gas and R $ 50 per cubic meter of diesel. Products that are destined for export or whose final destination is the production of petrochemicals are exempt from this contribution.

For all gas companies,especially those that are in full growth, it is very important to be able to maintain healthy finances, which allow them to carry out the operation properly. And in order to keep the company’s numbers in good condition, various factors come into play, one of them is the correct management of accounts payable.

Having a good management of the company’s accounts payable will enable it to:

Make invoice payments in a timely manner, thus avoiding the generation of unnecessary interest; maintain adequate cash flow and have a good relationship with the various suppliers of the company. Even the latter can help to obtain better payment conditions, which is undoubtedly beneficial for the organization. When submitting the tax, all these matters are properly considered.

For all the above, it is very important to have a good management of accounts payable, so that positive impacts are generated both in the finances of the company, and in the operation of the company in general.After the payment, for the proper calculations of the same using the sales tax calculator zip code for submitting the taxes is important. It saves your time.

They are committed to providing you with information and solutions that help your company to stay in constant growth to be highly competitive. Therefore, on this occasion we want to share some important recommendations so that you can properly manage your accounts payable and maintain good financial health in your organization, as well as a cordial relationship with your suppliers.

Tips to improve accounts payable management

Here are some tips that may be useful to improve the management of your company’s accounts payable tax:

  1. Keep a balance between your income and expenses

At the outset, this point may sound quite obvious, however, it is important to always keep it in mind and ensure that the level of expenses is not higher than that of income received by the business. This in order to maintain healthy finances and avoid accumulating too many debts in the future to such an extent that the management of accounts payable gets out of hand, it is impossible to pay them and therefore other serious consequences such as the cessation of operations arise of the business .

  1. Choose your suppliers beyond price

When choosing the suppliers that a company wants to work with, most of them can get carried away by the price factor. However, it is advisable to take into account the different payment conditions offered by each one, since having more flexible conditions can be more useful than having lower prices.

  1. Take advantage of the payment terms offered by suppliers

And organize the payment of your invoices based on the above, so that you can give priority to those that have a closer term to expire. All these matters are needed to be proper in order to make the tax submission profitable for you.