Few Reasons Why My Feet Cramps Durimg Skateboarding


Among the various injuries that one might experience while skateboarding, probably foot cramps are one of the first thing that come to our mind. Often this can be a deeper issue too. There can be several reasons why you could get cramps after using your electric skateboards.

Let us discuss these reasons in this post.

  • Poor stance and/or balance

Most of you as a new skater may not have an excellent balance or be able to position your foot properly. It is almost as if the entire cookie crumbles in this manner. Your body will have to work harder for keeping you upright as a result of this.

In case, your front foot hurts while skateboarding, curl your toes to keep your grip on the board.

  • Your hardware just is not cutting it

When it will come to your comfort and safety, then your board, wheels, and shoes everything will be crucial. If any one or more of such things is not pulling their weight, then you may end up cramping as a result.

  • You have not warmed up

People quite often become so eager to start shredding that often they overlook something very important, which is proper warming up. Cold muscles are much easier to damage since they are not prepared to be strained but that occurs with skateboarding maneuvers.

  1. You are dehydrated and possibly have an electrolyte imbalance

Typically cramping is indicating your imbalance of electrolytes and dehydration. When you exercise, then your body requires nutrients and fluids to keep you fueled, in case you ever run out of fuel, then you will experience troubles, including painful ones!

You may try to avoid such cramps in the following ways:

  • Get a much better skateboard
  • Take it rather slow
  • You  must stay hydrated and also must eat well

Because cramps cause muscles to contract, the best remedy is to gradually stretch the muscles until the discomfort subsides.

Drink some water, or eat a banana and relax while you wait! You may feel better after 5 to 10 minutes.

Every new skateboarder will prefer to learn about how to Ollie. Though it might appear easy, however, it may take precise timing, practice, and coordination. Often people may commit a few mistakes that must be avoided at all costs.

The following are those mistakes to avoid.

  • Incorrect foot placement and your Ollies may continue to get much away from you.
  • Improper pop is always an issue with new skateboarders
  • Chicken-foot is a certain psychological problem that a few skateboarders have.
  • Shifting is also an issue with new skateboarders
  • Low ollies are another problem for new skateboarders

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Cramp is certain pain, but if you can identify the cause and make the appropriate adjustment, then you can kill the cramp and also improve your skateboarding skills.