Everybody Loves Ray-Ban!


Ray-Ban has been a hit since the early 90’s. The first ever Ray-Ban sunglasses were made in 1936. Since then, celebrities from all around the world have been giving this brand its well-deserved exposure. Even General Douglas McArthur wore a Ray-Ban when he landed in one of the Philippine islands. In Australia alone, Ray-Ban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses worn by people from all walks of life – trendsetters, celebrities, hippies, yuppies, oldies, everybody! There’s something about these designer sunglasses that make them a huge hit!

The “Spunk.” If you want to channel Kate Moss and her fashion spunk, go for Ray-Ban. Kate Moss is famous for her sexy “litter hair.” She swaggers like a tomboy but exudes a sexy appeal at the same time. You can look like her by matching your aviator Ray-Ban sunglasses (alternatively some Tom Ford Sunglasses work just as well here) with a pair of faded jeans, text shirt, or plaid top. This ensemble is perfect for your everyday school wear and Saturday movie date.

The Laidback Get-Up. There are days when you just want to dress down in your comfort wear. Wear your balloon shorts, cotton top, and a pair of flats but be ready to turn heads by wearing a pair of colourful designer sunglasses. Ray-Ban wayfarers will surely do the trick. They bring a colourful splash even to the simplest outfit. Taylor Swift is a huge fan of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

The Beach Bum. Australia is blessed with beautiful beaches. And now that summer is almost here, you have enough reasons to find the perfect pair of eye protection. Aviator sunglasses will look best with your cute bikinis, sun dresses, and bohemian skirts. Whether you’re just lounging by the beach to get a tan or you’re up for some surfing adventure, these sunnies are sure to give you the protection and sophistication that you need.

Hippie/Rocker Chic Glam. Ray-ban is probably most associated with artists and rock stars. Rock legends like the Beatles and pop rock icons like Lindsay Lohan never fail to stun everyone with these designer sunglasses. If you want to sport the rocker chic look, wear an aviator and match it with your ripped jeans or leggings. Use your favourite Chuck Taylor to complete the look.

Summer in Australia is always full of fun! But before you get too excited to wear your cute bikinis and head up to your favourite summer destination, get yourself a pair of sunglasses that will not only give you eye protection but also style and sophistication.