Essential Facilities for a Students’ Apartments


Moving to another district or state for studies is unavoidable for students. And the most challenging part of moving to another state is finding a suitable apartment or flat to live in, which must be near your institution. If you are lucky, you’ll find student apartments for rent in Lynchburg, VA, immediately after visiting the city, and in case you are unlucky, it may take weeks to get one.

Lynchburg is a lovely city to live in, and there are several famous schools like Jefferson Forest High School, Bedford County Public Schools, E.C. Glass High School, etc. The city also has excellent universities, such as the University of Lynchburg, Randolph College, Virginia University of Lynchburg, Sweet Briar College, and Liberty University. With so many educational institutions, youngsters are constantly pouring in from nearby cities and states, and they all need an apartment or flat to live in.

Once you understand the city’s routes and the location of your university, you need to find an apartment near the institution. And you can’t just rent an apartment; as a student, you have to ensure that the place has all the essential facilities you might need for your studies.

What are the essential facilities of a student apartment?

As a student, you don’t need a luxurious apartment or flashy home decor; all you need is the facilities to stay comfortably, do your assignments, and study. The essential facilities for student apartments for rent in Lynchburg, VA, are as below:

All-inclusive bills

Having a separate bill for water, electricity, maintenance, rent, etc., is confusing for the owner and you. Hence, select an apartment that offers an all-inclusive bill. Paying the all-inclusive bills costs you less than paying them individually.


Having the house insured is a great way to ensure safety and fast recovery in case you guys burn it down (just kidding). Students’ apartments are no more in danger than a normal household, and theft and burglary depend on the place and people.

Transport links

Suppose you could not find an apartment near the institute; you need a decent transport link to be on time. Try not to choose an apartment more than a 25-minute bus ride away from the university.

Around 21.8% of Lynchburg’s population is under 18. It means there will be more students, and the demand for student apartments for rent in Lynchburg, VA, will increase.


Well, nothing can be done without the internet. It is imperative that the apartment must have a 100Mbps Wi-Fi Connection. Whether it’s an assignment, practical exam, or online test, you need access to Wi-Fi.


Wherever your locality (apartment) is, security and safety are the primary necessity. Having a 24×7 security and CCTV is an essential feature, primarily if the place is known for theft, burglary, and murder. Having these safety features will give you peace of mind.


A laundry service is necessary for students, as you will be busy with exams and assignments, and washing clothes will only waste your essential time.

These are some essential facilities you must look for while searching for an apartment.

There are some essential amenities you must look for:

  • Fitness facilities
  • Study area
  • Commun, Social Spaces
  • On-site maintenance
  • Canteen/grocery store nearby

If the apartment you shortlisted has these facilities, you should go ahead and rent it immediately.